15 March, 2012

Fair Warning

The flannel sheets came off the bed today.

Charlie has an appointment for a hair cut on Tuesday.

Tim's sweaters have been washed and put away.

Go ahead and pencil in your preference for one last minute storm for the middle of next week.

09 March, 2012


The songbirds in our yard are hard at work every morning and pretty much throughout the day.  
Their symphonies are simply splendid.
The sunlight through the bare branches is dazzling.
Crocus are poking through the mulch.  As are the iris in a couple places.
The dormant period seems to be ending.

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I woke this morning and dawdled in bed making plans.  
Unlike many (many) mornings this past year when I simply dawdled in bed.  

What occupied my mind between 6 & 7?  Spring clothes?  Supper with Aidan?  
Plans for a compost barrel.  

I am heading North today to see Naphtali and (I hope) Aidan. 
 I do have plans to visit the Unique thrift store and Home Goods at Har-Mar mall once I reach the Cities.
But it was the sound of the coffee grinder that brought things into (albeit fuzzy) focus.

I want to take out quite a few ugly shrubs from the front of the house.  Widen the flower beds.
Reduce my mow-able grass.  Plant a hydrangea and some ferns.

But the soil will need to be amended - bringing me to the compost barrel.
We have a rebate check from Menards to help get this project underway and
I am tempted to rush right over there and make my selection.
  This morning.  Before I leave town.

Which brings me back to the dawdled mornings.
This past year can euphemistically be called a dormant period.  
I hadn't expected everything to be so hard and I hadn't expected such a reaction - but.

This morning I woke with plans - invigorated - for the first time in quite some time.

I feel like I've lost the better part of a year but I hope that this dormant period will result in 
strength, vigor and productive growth.