16 December, 2011

Valerie's post reminded me of a story I've not yet told.

Not too long ago someone asked how the move went - nothing lost or broken etc.
And I was thrilled to report it had gone well - everything was accounted for.

Then it came time for Christmas decorations.
Every year
I look forward to decorating for Christmas,  this isn't the story but stay with me,
Every year,
even though I enjoy decorating for Christmas, my decorations get simpler.
 hopefully Taste plays a part but I'll admit that it's mostly because I hate un-decorating.

google images

Okay this is the story
Around Thanksgiving, as I was planning and unpacking the totes that contain my Christmas stuff,
 I realized the mercury glass ornaments were gone.

Thinking back I could pinpoint exactly what happened.

During the un-decorating phase of last Christmas these ornaments
were tucked for convenience sake (because I hate to un-decorate)
 - along with a vignette of white decorations- into a box labeled "whites" which was
then placed in a large tote containing Christmas stuff.

At some point, as I was packing up the house, I went through all the totes and knowing the new house was smaller made several executive decisions - disposing of this, keeping that...

I remember
 holding the box labeled "whites."

I didn't remember
that I had added those ornaments to that box.

I remember
I didn't even open the box -
it simply joined the pile for donation to the Senior Center.  



Since then two other things have been identified as "not-found-yet."
I know they made the trip with us so it's just a matter of finding where they were stashed.
I'm holding out hope that their status will change...

15 December, 2011

Big sigh!

I've returned from the Northlands, registered for a new school term (and new school), started my baking, finished my last test, and am ready for a night off. 

Maybe everyone already knows this but it dawned on me yesterday that
Christmas is next week!
I won't even run through the list of things I want/need to get done over the course of the next few days.
But it won't happen tonight.

Poor Aidan was pretty sick last week and I'm glad I was able to go up for those few days.
They will be here some time next Friday.

I've registered at DMACC - classes start January 9 - which seems awfully soon...
I will also have a practicum (from NE) to finish out my library classes.  
But for now - I'm free!!

Oh, tomorrow will be such a fun day!!

05 December, 2011

Making my list

checking it more than twice.
Wednesday morning I'll head up to Minneapolis for several days.  
Unfortunately, it's an awkward time to be away from home for an extended visit.
It will require some serious list making and checking.
There are things I need:
  to do before I leave town.
to complete my school work for the semester.
to bring for Naphtali.
for Aidan.
for Charlie and yes for Proton.
in case the weather is bad - or just cold.

There are things I need to keep up with holiday projects:
Christmas cards, mailing lists, stamps.
a quilt.
something - can't give it away - else.
a shopping list!

I'm excited to go - 
and I'd better get going!

Wish me luck!

02 December, 2011


It may seem odd, considering my chosen profession, that I rarely mention what I am reading.  
Good question - no answer.
Today that not only changes - you'll get a 2fer.

I am currently reading the conversations book.  
Actually I am listening to it - you really do need to listen to it.
I did, however, bring home the print version hoping to find notes that will fill in gaps in my knowledge of the names that are used so casually.  

The composure of this woman is amazing.  The conversations started in march of 64 - less than six months after her world was turned upside down in Dallas.  
It is a fascinating glimpse of the times and attitudes
of a bygone world.

On the other end of the spectrum, I'm also enjoying the latest installment of the
Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes story by Laurie King.

Wry humor.  Colorful characters.  

It makes a good read - I like a few chapters before bed 
with my 4 ounces of red wine and whole grain crackers.  

Hope you have a good weekend.

29 November, 2011


It's been a tough year for our families.  Thankfully, at least according to the calendar, it's drawing to a close.

We each have some unfinished business but, voices are steadier.  
Outlooks are changing.  Plans are taking shape.
It seems as though the worst is passed.
I hope so - for all of us.

Today the sun is shining.  I do love winter's sunshine.

In the interest of fresh starts, there are four new stockings
hung by the chimney with care.
Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the fireplace?

Next week I'll put a package in the mail for Jacob and Amy, in Portland.
I'll head to Minneapolis for a few days with Naphtali and Aidan.
The semester will end.
Plans will be finalized for family gatherings over Christmas.
In a few short weeks, projects around the house will be finished and
family that can, will gather - somewhere.

Snow will probably fall.

Each of us will deal with the times and our circumstances
as best we can.
We'll talk - compare notes - listen.

I imagine we'll hum snippets of Christmas carols, bake cookies, wrap packages and
enjoy the winter's sunshine.

27 November, 2011

Can you believe it!?

We've all become accustomed to watching gas prices rise as a holiday weekend approaches. 
 Starting around $3.17 - gas prices fell all week. 
Gas was $2.99 on Friday night 
making the trip
 over the river and through the woods a bit easier this year.
I went up to Fort Dodge to spend Thanksgiving with my mother and sister, as Tim was working.
The day was mild.
The food was great and we found plenty to laugh about during the visit.

24 November, 2011

kindly thoughts

Wherever you might be, 
with whomever you're sharing the day,
I trust your heart is full
and at peace.

Enjoy a day of giving thanks.

20 November, 2011

And another...

I've recently been enamored by the process of waxing - coating leaves etc with varying layers of paraffin.
There is a narrow window of time as the wax cools to a certain viscosity
for optimum coverage.  It's rather fun.   

This would traditionally have been the time for starting my gingerbread house, but this year I'll miss 
out on the display held at my library in Nebraska. 
Lucky for me, my new, local library is offering folks a chance to decorate wreaths, which will then be available at a silent auction as a fund raiser for the new building project.

So I brought home a wreath, and using waxed components for a subdued wintry-look, decorated it.

 Some subtle glittery paint adds to the frosty sparkle.  At least I think it does.
Tomorrow it will return to the library for display until time for the community auction 
on December 4.

Now that I've conquered my fear of bow making maybe this will become a new tradition.

15 November, 2011


This is a picture of just one of yesterday's projects. 
I painted the trim for the bathroom.

 Notice the dog.  
Notice, too, the large box in the background.
That box is the reason I cancelled a visit from my mother.

It contains our new toilet.

Plans had been made many weeks ago for my mother to come for some shopping on Sunday, overnight, and enjoy a leisurely couple stops before she headed home on Monday.  
It would have been fun.
The bathroom project was begun weeks ago after she and I made our plans.

The simple paint job took on a life of its own it becomes problematic to have overnight company with no public bathroom
and I'm still waiting to reclaim my bathroom.

Today I have a last coat of sealant to apply to the tile floor which turned out very well.  
I need to get a water line for the toilet, which has been set.

The trim has yet to go around the edges of the floor but it's been painted.  
There are hooks and knobs to be put in their respective places.
Doors to be returned to their hinges.
We'll get there.

Here's a picture of an earlier step in the process:
I'm scraping off the old flooring.
Turned around to stretch and look who's camped in the three feet of space behind me!?!

We'll get there.

13 November, 2011

Today's special

A busy couple weeks, all in all.  
Projects to the left.  Projects to the right. Projects inside and out.
 Ideas percolating for yet more projects.

I've been scraping flooring from the floor.  Painting.  Rearranging closets.  Assembling shelves.
Getting Aidan's countdown to Christmas ready.
Tracking Jacob's recovery.  Baking.  

Here's a glimpse of a recent well not so recent project to carry you over til I can get 
my head above water with all the rest.
I love yes love interesting containers.  I'll admit a weakness when it looks me in the eye.
Several more than several years ago Naphtali and I found a sidewalk sale at a local mall.  I picked up
a box containing 6 dozen bells for around 2 bucks.  
It was the box I wanted.

True - I have used and enjoyed the bells for a variety of reasons.  They have been decorations, adorned packages and they even hang from the doorknob for Charlie to signal his need to go out.

This summer I decided the three levels of divided trays would make a perfect home for my pins and earrings.

They dividers were removed, the trays lined with black velvet, and the dividers replaced.
Ribbon loops were added to assist lifting the trays.
The Christmas lettering had to be covered in a way that would allow them to look good
on my bedside table.  That would take some thought...
Actually, I did the inside while I was still in Gothenburg.  It wasn't until I was settled here that I tackled the outside of the box.

Glue gun and buttons to the rescue.
Tim bought that glue gun when we lived in Fargo. It was a surprise - thought you might like this kind of thing. 1983 maybe. 
 It is one of the early, unsafe, 
metal, push-the-glue-stick-through-with-your-thumb models that have long since been replaced 
by safe, plastic, trigger-operated low-temp models.
I love it.  

Have I mentioned that I also like buttons?

I've carted that jar from one place to the next over 30+ years.
Some sorting.  Some gluing.
An audiobook to keep me company...

                                                                       et voila!

Finished product. 

I like it.

I'll be back with more, later.

01 November, 2011

Birthday greetings

I know it's unusual to see a second post on the same day but this one was prompted by the events of the day.
Read on:

In January, 1988, our oldest daughter, Naomi, died.  
She was 11. 
 We were heartbroken.

April of that same year saw us moving to Pennsylvania.
We found heart's ease and good friends.

We learned how to function as a family of four.
We experimented with small cars.  There were impromptu picnics.  The night of the fireflies.
And laughter.  Much laughter.

November of that first year rolled around and hoping to avoid some unwanted attention - thinking it was no big deal - I had opted not to add my name to the "Birthday Calendar" that hung in the entry of our church.  Big mistake.

Rob Smith was song leader that day.  Even in those few short months, Rob and his family were already our solid friends and I knew of his well-earned reputation for practical jokes.  It's tempting to call him "larger than life."  He was - and is - a brash, loud, outdoorsy, self-confident ham.  He's also a generous, helpful, multi-talented, kind man.  The grand kids call him Pap.
He is a friend.  And we share a birthday.
  He is a year older, and already much grayer, than me.

So that day he launches into a hilarious routine about twins  - his twin - separated at birth but still sharing personality traits, looks, sense of humor and so on, and on and on and everyone, everyone, knows there will be a punch line. So people are already chuckling and some are looking around to 
figure out who is about to be punched.

We are sitting in our customary back row and I am dying.  Dying. 

I know it only took a few minutes but from my vantage point it was an eternity before he wrapped it up with "Let's sing Happy Birthday to Ilona!" 

The whole place erupted!  
I don't know how he got through it with a straight face!

I had an email from him this morning - with birthday greetings, which I am happy to return.
Happy Birthday Pap.

What goes around

 Trick-or-Treat!  We all have stories to tell!

Knowing I would need to be near the door last night I used the time to cut some pieces for the quilt I'm building.

I also worked on an craft idea I found in this year's Christmas with Southern Living book.
This one is an oldie-but-goodie, having made the rounds when I was a kid.  You remember the folded magazine angels and trees?  The trees are back this year.  The angels can't be too far behind...
I made an angel in Girl Scouts one year using cheese cloth, a styrofoam ball, Readers Digest, wire hanger,
 and gold spray paint.  
This is my first tree.  I'll need three, in varying sizes.

 Haven't decided if they will be gold, just glittered, or a combination of gaudy Christmas excess.  

25 October, 2011

23 October, 2011

Guess who?

We had another round of company this weekend.
  Although I'm beginning to think that Naphtali, Aidan and Proton should no longer qualify as company.
Truly, they are wanted and welcome any time.

Here's Proton playing with a craft project I tried out the other night: 
an ice votive.

It worked and I can't wait to make more. 
Shhh - Christmas plans.

Here's a picture of coordinated effort - Jordison style.

I pulled up the old floor and did some patching.  Naphtali a talented and hard-working woman did the painting.  
Tim helped with the painting and laid the new floor.

It looks great. I love the floor.
The paint changes color with the day's light shifting from green to gray and back again.

Would you be surprised to learn that there are several other projects in progress?
You'll have to check back to see what's happening.

18 October, 2011

Inquiring minds want to know

Naphtali asks if there are bows all over my house - now that I have learned to make them

The answer to that can be summed up in one word - no.  

But it is time to get busy on certain projects around the house.  This week - no bows -  I did make an afghan.  
 It's hard to think I've been living here less than 2 months.  And with the push to get Kennybrook up and running, a family wedding, several rounds of company, and an extra dog for a couple weeks, 
we've put off getting a start on any big projects.
That time has ended.

So here is a glimpse of how the house does look:

We are in the middle of a remodel.  New floor and paint for this room.  Plus a closet has been removed.  I had things torn apart - though not quite this torn apart -on Friday when my SIL called and asked if we would host a sibling get-together on Saturday - if she could get the others to sign on.  
Bien sur, I replied.  Well, I probably said "sure" or something like that, but for a post "bien sur" always sounds so much better
Sign on they did, so about noon on Saturday everything went back to its place.
No point in rearranging until I knew for sure they were coming, n'est-ce pas?
Tim cooked.  They arrived.  And we had a great time.

Sunday meant everything was moved again.  And somewhere in all this Naphtali called to say that she and Aidan might be down this weekend.  Might be.  
As of yesterday afternoon - will be.  
And we'll have a great time.

We - Tim - built our first fire Sunday night.

17 October, 2011

Product Placement

I love this cereal.

13 October, 2011

Last Hurrah

While walking Charlie the other day I noticed some lovely roses at the home of one of our neighbors, which prompted a discourse along these lines - you'll need to add the appropriate inflections to capture the full measure of wonder my thoughts produced -
Charlie!  I have a rose bush, too! We'll have to look when we get home - or something like that.

Guess what?

Three buds.  In various stages of open.  
They are now sitting on the counter and as this one has opened it has scented the air with the classic rose aroma.  The color, too, is classic: deep, velvety red.

In so many of the new hybrids scent has been sacrificed for hardiness, size or whatever.  
Standing here enjoying the full experience of form, color and aroma, I wonder why they ever 
tampered with the complete expression of grace and beauty that can be a rose.

As these will be the last of the season all I can do is plan, now, to take good care of this overlooked treasure.

03 October, 2011

True Story

I have a sad, but true story to pass along today.  
Actually, more like several vignettes.  I went to a wedding over the weekend
- without my camera.  I know, but it gets worse. 
So you'll find no pictures, here, of the happy couple.  Or Leslie looking wonderful in her dress.  
No record of the table settings or bouquets. 
Incomparable weather. 
 I thought of throwing in a picture of my shoes - which are both adorable and comfortable - but I wasn't in the mood for a sop.

Anyway.  The saga continues.  
Not only did I leave home without my camera for this stellar event
 - I left my spanx on the dresser.  I know.  
I had clothes for the dinner Friday night.  For hanging around Saturday morning. 
 Several Weather related  options for the wedding on Saturday afternoon,
 changes if we went out later,
something to drive home Sunday morning - 
but my spanx got left behind.  I know
 Of course I didn't discover this until I was out of the shower on Saturday, starting to get dressed. 
 I emptied my suitcase.
I put everything back and emptied it again,
lifting each item and shaking it to dislodge what was not there.  
How could this happen?!?  Aaargh!!

It is both unfortunate and 
I know everlastingly to my advantage 
that Naphtali suspected Aidan was developing strep throat.  
While my private drama was developing they Tim, Naphtali and Aidan were out in search of a drop-in clinic, 
which they found, and
  which confirmed Naphtali's excellent motherly intuition and 
got the lad started on an antibiotic. 
 In the mean time, Naphtali called me asking if I had heard from Leslie concerning the pew bows - 
bear with me that will be in the next paragraph - and 
I spilled my tale of woe.  "Well, I could pick you up a pair."  They were at Target. 
 Just that easily: another crisis averted.

So, back to the pew bows. 
 Over the years I have been acknowledged as competent, even skilled, I know at a variety of crafts. 
 But one crafting basic has consistently eluded me
 - making bows.  I know.  
So imagine my dismay, on Friday night, when a somewhat harried mother-of-the-groom 
asked if Naphtali and I would be willing to make 60 pew bows. 
I looked her in the eye and said the only thing I could:
"Of course.  No problem.  Glad to help."  I know.
Trusting all the while that my multi-talented daughter 
would be able to pick up the slack created by my two left thumbs. 

We got started Saturday morning at what I considered a leisurely hour and pace for 60 bows when Naphtali confessed 
that bows had never been her strong suit.  I Know! 
 But that revelation was counter balanced by the news that we only had to make 16 bows.  
With all the background noise I had misheard Leslie.  She needed 16 - not 60 - bows!
The bows were finished and made it to the church in time.
It was a lovely ceremony on a perfect, classic fall, October afternoon.
Aidan received the appropriate medical attention.
I was sufficiently cocooned in the new spanx.

You've been very patient  and I hope somewhat amused with this epic tale and here's the payoff:

I learned a new skill:  Bows are no longer my bete noir.
I know!  

Today I made this bow.

Who knows what I may make tomorrow!  
I Know!

28 September, 2011

You can thank me later

I have no trouble whatsoever taking credit for this lovely weather.
 Had I not changed to flannel sheets, the cold, damp, gloomy weather would have continued
and I would have shivered my nights away.

 But, well, you know what happened.
You can thank me later.

27 September, 2011


Aaah!  Met my expectations! 

 (check yesterday's post if this makes no sense to you)

25 September, 2011

Changing seasons

Talk to anyone and they will name a favorite fall ritual - tailgating at the game, visiting the local orchard, baking with seasonal produce, a walk through the woods, raking leaves; 
the possibilities are as varied as the changing leaves.

At our house the changing seasons means one thing: 

changing sheets 

google images
and involves what I have come to call musical blankets. 

You add a lighter blanket.
You exchange that for a heavier blanket.
 You put the flannel sheets on, which may require that you switch back to the lighter blanket.
 Eventually it will mean the flannel sheets and the heavier blanket.

We enjoyed having company this weekend and when I cleaned up I put the flannels on that bed in preparation for Naphtali and Aidan's visit at the end of this week.

Today I took advantage of Younker's Goodwill sale to buy a new set of flannel sheets for our bed. 
 They've been washed  
and are ready to go on our bed tomorrow.
  Monday is always my clean sheet day .  

Which means I can't wait to go to bed tomorrow night!

23 September, 2011

Ta Da!

Found it!

Mmmm - buttery soft leather.  
Roomy but not bulky.
No obtrusive logos or trademarks.

21 September, 2011

As touching our children

Google images
Does anything elicit a stronger response than an incident in the lives of our children?

All those firsts - whether it was teeth, hair, school, sweetheart, car, job - they all take center stage 
for their one special moment.  And we rejoice for our child.

Then comes that time when age becomes inconsequential - we're all adults, right?
Wrong!  Oh, so, ever so, wrong!

They are our children and what touches them touches us.  
Of course, we love the happy times - weddings, babies, promotions -  you fill in the blank.  And we look at our children and hope that the happy times are all they will ever encounter.

  But there will be separations, disappointments, heartaches, illness, and worse.  It would, in fact, be easier to deal with those incidents if they were our own. 
 Anything, rather than watch as our children shoulder the pain.
  We can weep and rail. We can be strong and sensible.
 We can help put together a Plan B, but we can't make it go away. 
 We can't put things back they way they used to be, they way they were supposed to be.  And that,
 I think, will always be a parent's private hell.

13 September, 2011

Change of pace

On a beautiful morning, like today, or a mellow afternoon, you might find me out here complete with dogs, laptop, textbook and mechanical pencil.  
I love this time of year.

12 September, 2011

Marking Time

I am waiting for a repairman.  Scheduled between 11 and 1:00.
This will allow me to do laundry, school work, make a shopping list...

Sunday was a great day.  Other than walking the dogs I didn't leave the house.  
Tim had been given a lovely basket of home-grown tomatoes so we made BLTs.  I had mine with chipotle ranch dressing which complements the bacon so well.
Oh! So tasty.

I finished and submitted my school work.
Tim and I emptied a few boxes.

Leslie stopped in with her dress for the wedding.  It is the perfect hostess dress - just what an afternoon wedding calls for.  She looked vibrant in it and it looked great on her.  
Tim grilled chicken and we talked.

The day was a perfect blend of productivity and relaxation. The weather was nearly perfect, and just right for sitting outside in the shade for some conversation.

Can you believe my repairman just arrived!?

11 September, 2011

As Promised

Charlie and Proton at play,

and at rest.

Have you seen the cute commercials or movie snippets in which the adorable puppy runs down the
 hallway trailing toilet paper?
Not so cute in real life.
By the way, Proton has really grown while he's been here.  A conservative guess is 3 - 4 inches in both length and height!
He's listening to commands and taking cues from Charlie.  He's learned to catch a treat in mid-air.
He abounds with the relentless optimism that only happy puppies can display.

This is my gym.


and front views.

As promised.

08 September, 2011

Hot on the trail

courtesy google images
I'm looking for a new purse and I have my heart set on mustard.  I'll let you know what I find...

07 September, 2011

No pictures with this one...

...but I will post pictures.  Soon.  Soonish.  I will.

Just to get caught up - because so much has been happening!  Naphtali, Aidan and Proton came last Friday night.  Naphtali left Sunday.  Aidan left Wednesday.  Proton will be here another week, yet!  He and Charlie are getting along famously.  The three of us have settled into a reasonable daytime routine.  It is nap time for the boys and I would normally be doing homework but the day is lovely, I'm easily distracted, this had to be done...

My mother drove down for lunch on Sunday.  Tim took us on a tour of Kennybrook.  I'm glad I waited to see it now rather than during construction.  And I'm glad I got to see it before people actually moved in because good manners would have prevented all the gawking and gushing it elicited, had it been someone's home, rather than an empty building.  It is beautiful - calling to mind the country inn featured in White Christmas.

Most of the boxes are empty.  I have those last few left.  The ones that have consolidated the leftovers from other boxes.  The ones that require thinking and sorting.  Somethings were obviously meant for this place or that task and so were easy to assign a spot in the house.  Other things are not so obvious or necessary and so I need to think about them, make an active decision about their fate.  But it's looking like home.  Feeling like home.  Menards is thinking of giving us our own parking spot.  I will post a picture.  Soon.  Soonish. I will.

My class this semester is cataloging.  Very detail oriented.  Definitions.  Acronyms.  Dates.  Reading, reading, reading.  It keeps me busy.

This rarely happens but I believed the hype and bought a box of Fiber One cereal.  It's awful.  I have a batch soaking to bake apple muffins.  Love these cool mornings.

I've signed on at a gym.  I am there every day.  They have an array of  cardio and strengthening machines which I use on alternating days.  Cardio every day.  And the pool generally every day, also.  It feels sooo good after a workout - there is a water aerobics class 2x weekly and I've enjoyed that as well. Of course, this means that I am also changing clothes (extra laundry!) and showering a lot.  And as I am already challenged by summer grooming, of course, I find myself shaving my legs a lot!  Walk Charlie in the morning.  Shower and change for the gym.  Workout, change for the pool.  Shower and dress to come home.  It's 15 minutes away, very reasonably priced.  Lovely facility (which is why I have to be clean-smelling when I arrive) inhabited by people 55 and older.  They do make the occasional exception for slightly younger folk to join the health club.  Lucky me. During the initial interview/orientation they ask general questions about your level of health and activity, and replacements:  hip, knees, shoulders...
I will post a picture.  Soon. Soonish.  I will.

25 August, 2011

It's Official

I've moved. 
After an absence of 30+ years, I reside in Iowa.

Classes started Monday - well, my class. I have just one class this semester - cataloging - and we're taking an easy start this week.  Our first paper is due next week.  I'm looking forward to this class because it will seem like Dorothy's peek behind the curtain.  Several of our classes - leadership and management for instance - could be applied to any career path, but cataloging belongs to the librarian.

 Charlie had an appointment at PetSmart yesterday for a haircut and shampoo.  I dropped him off and went to the gym which deserves a post of its own and picked him up three hours later.  He looks quite distinguished.  
Worth every penny and only 15 minutes away!!

Aidan, his mother and their new puppy, Proton, will be here Friday night.  Naphtali leaves Sunday.  Aidan leaves Tuesday.  Proton gets another week or so.  

21 August, 2011

What we ate

Friday night found Tim and I at Waterfront Seafood Market, which, according to their website has been voted the "metro's best seafood 20 years running."  I'm not sure how that vote is tallied but judging from the average age of the crowd that night, they seem to have a very loyal, longstanding clientele.  We will not be counted among them.  The food was fine - but I want exceptional and this simply wasn't.  The wait reasonable - 20 minutes when we signed in.  As we were seated I overheard the hostess telling a new diner that the wait was 30 minutes.

Sunday afternoon we were running errands - Home Depot etc - when we stopped for a 
quick lunch at Jason's deli.  I had this: 
Spinach Veggie Wrap
Organic wheat wrap with mushrooms,
organic spinach, asiago, sprouts,
guacamole, pico de gallo.
Blue corn chips and salsa as my side. 
 It was tasty and filling.  The crowd was mixed and seemed very happy.
They offer free ice cream but we passed.  This time....

19 August, 2011


Yes, we are here, under one roof, at one address.  And, as you might guess, there is plenty of work yet to be done....
So here it is:   In the process of downsizing, which I'm delighted to do, we are faced with the fact that this house is smaller than the one we left behind in Nebraska.  Which is not a problem in general terms.  However, the specifics of making furniture fit, repurposing it, and just getting things put away will keep me occupied for some time to come.  Right now I'm frustrated by the fact that my cupboard shelves will not hold tall bottles and few of them are adjustable.   No, those are not my cupboards this image is courtesy of google.  As a consumer I prefer to buy certain things in the larger size to save a few pennies here and there.  Shampoo, EVOO, whatever.  That size won't fit.  There's no point in buying the larger size and transferring to a container that does fit because then I'd also, still need space to store the original or 2 of something else if I split the bottle which eliminates the gain I would otherwise enjoy from the aforementioned downsizing.   And the spiral continues:  if I relent, start buying smaller bottles of this, that, or the other thing, won't I run out more frequently, which means shopping more often, which, again, undermines our efforts to be responsible with our resources?

12 August, 2011

In Transit

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy;
 for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves;
 Anatole France

I am in such a ranting mood - but restraint wins the day and I will simply report that we will be in Nebraska over the weekend, sign papers finalizing the sale of our home and return to Iowa with the last of our earthly goods on Monday.  We will be under one roof.  

Check back in a couple days.
My sister is squeezing in an impromptu visit this afternoon.
I have an interesting appointment on Wednesday.
And an anniversary tomorrow.

01 August, 2011


Our eating habits have changed - lighter fare holds more appeal these days.
Fish has always been a favorite and I loved it grilled, so Saturday night we ate at Bonefish Grill.
We started with the house salad, an easy blend of romaine and mesclun, with olives and heart of palm topped with a honey balsamic vinaigrette.   The hot, crusty bread was served with a plate of oil and pesto.  We both chose steamed asparagus.  Tim selected Chilean sea bass and I had the orange roughy.
Both were hot, tender and flaky - simply delicious.  
The portions were just right.  The smoky accents truly complimented the flavor of the fish, which was attractively plated and served. 
A sparkling white mango sangria went down easy.
It did seem a bit pricey, but I will gladly allow Tim to pay the difference for a delicious and suitable meal.  As with many restaurants it was the price of the drinks, not necessarily the entrees, that moved it into a pricier range.  Reservations, please.  There were no empty tables while we were there.

29 July, 2011


With apologies to MM Lerner and Loewe I'd like to rephrase Professor Higgins' lament: 
Why can't a woman's shaver be more like a man's!?

 I will gladly give the industry credit for getting the handles right but it's not cutsie names and girly colors that will secure my consumer loyalty.  I simply want a shaver that will reliably produce a close shave.  Maybe even a week's worth - like Tim's do. One of his week-old units can out perform some of mine right out of the package!  In the grand scheme of things this is obviously a small matter, but with summer grooming in full swing and with little else to occupy my thoughts it has taken on unreasonable proportions...

28 July, 2011

Bon Anniversaire

Felicitations on the day to you, Naphtali!  Sending hugs and love...

How do you communicate spur-of-the-moment greetings?
Tweet?  Text?  Email? Phone call?

Send a happy birthday to Naphtali.

26 July, 2011

Great minds...

It was tempting, after a quick read through this morning's posts, to suppose that everyone was thinking of ... me!
The comments made by Duchesse fit in, not with my retirement, but with the prospect of starting over, redefining my role in this new place without completely discarding who I've been in the old place.  Pseu offered a refresher for casual wear beyond sweats, as well as links to a very timely look at hot weather solutions from Imogene.  I'll lift (and credit) a portion from Sal at Already Pretty that simplifies
 the idea of signature pieces: 
The quickest shortcut to unified personal style is to select and wear a few signature items. You may consider your watch or pendant necklace to be signatures, but this practice is most effective when the items in question are fairly large and noticeable, and exist within your wardrobe in several variations....I have multiple versions of these items already in my wardrobe, wear them often, AND! By wearing them across the board, no matter what the dominant influences in an outfit may be, I create continuity. If you find that solid-colored cardigans, ballet flats, and cuff bracelets are your signatures, do your best to deploy those pieces often and in multiple style contexts.

These women managed to touch on areas that have grabbed my attention as I navigate this transition/move.  Maybe they were thinking about you, too.

23 July, 2011

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

This heat makes me crazy.  It saps my energy. 
 Meals are reduced to the very basics - what can be eaten standing at the sink? 
 Lunch has pretty consistently been refried black beans with chips, cheese and mango-peach salsa.  
 Supper is a salad - this one features chicken breast - and a chipotle ranch dressing.  I know.  
 I baked and froze several chicken breasts the other day and will work my way through them 
over the next week.  A bag of cherries was a recent splurge and worth every penny.  
Ice water - lots and lots of ice water rounds out the menu on these hot days.

22 July, 2011

Women who Walk

While in Grimes last week, Charlie and I managed to walk almost every day.

For some reason the WwW, in Grimes, don't wear sunglasses.

I love a good pair of sunglasses and am rarely outside without them.
Big ones not only block the sun, safeguarding my vision, but prevent the drying effects of sun and wind from damaging the tender skin around my eyes.
Actually, I've seen very few sunglasses around town - on walkers or anyone else.

However, for those same WwW, running shorts are de rigueur.  
  I'm a capri gal - having established an exercise wardrobe that consists of gray Danskin capris and white v-neck tees.