21 November, 2012

Giving thanks

Another *first* for me today.  
Even though a spring form pan could be found in my cupboard for years
today is the first time it has seen any action.

Thanksgiving will be spent with my mother and sister.
Green bean casserole - french cut is my preference - and a
pumpkin cheesecake 
will make the drive with me.

Today's soundtrack featured a young Jacob questioning the 
wisdom of trying a recipe for the first time on company.

In general he had/has a point but
how many pumpkin cheesecakes can 
the average among us try before the big day?

Tomorrow's plan includes a sleepover to allow for
and tackling outdoor Christmas decorations on Friday.
No shopping.

Tim will be joining his family at his mother's.
Naphtali has plans that will keep her close to home.
Not sure what Jacob has going...
Aidan is spending the weekend with his dad.

Even though the list reads like a fractured fairytale
there is much for which to be thankful.

We all still speak to each other.

19 November, 2012

Monday morning

It's finished!
The Annex is officially open
and nearly full!

Isn't Tim good? 
 You'd never know this wasn't an original part of the house!
He removed the siding from that section of the garage wall and pieced it back
together to cover the shed.
Shelves and hooks help organize the stuff we moved in from the garage.
And there is still some room available!

We both parked in the garage last night.

And  yes - our grass is that green.  
Brown and crunchy all summer and look at it now!

Here's a look at another Sunday project:

Larry and Mary have left the state - headed for retirement in Arizona. - we wish them well.
Larry came down last weekend for a quick goodbye and dropped 
off a huge plant and the large crock.
I took advantage of several crocks already on hand and cleaned up
 the stock of fireplace supplies.
In a serendipitous turn - earlier this week, at JoAnn Fabrics, no less, I found
a package of *clips* for brick surfaces and was finally able to
hang the match holder from my dad's place.

The following is my contribution to the always surprising *small world* category.
Friday I helped serve Thanksgiving dinner at Kennybrook - around
350 people - who were split in 3 different dining halls
and served in 2 shifts.  A fun time.
Afterwords I ran into friends from long ago,
Tom and Laila Messerly, who were there as guests of one the residents.
As we were chatting,  Selma - now a resident -
who used to live in Harvey ND and got to know Tom and Laila 
after she moved to the Des Moines area, joined us.
Growing up in Harvey, she had know Tewkesburys forever 
and, of course, Box T, where I volunteered as a cook for several years.

Probably 5 - 10 minutes of friendly chitchat 
but it touched off a landslide of good memories including this 
breakfast staple from camp:
I'd never had it and couldn't imagine that it would go over well 
but the girls loved it!
  maybe it was just the combination of fresh air and hard work.

Any way, I bought a box during our grocery run on Saturday morning.
Bon Appetit!

14 November, 2012


Time is flying by too quickly!!
Already Wednesday, somehow, Thanksgiving is next week!
A birthday package for a friend back in Nebraska is late!

On the other hand
next week I can begin decorating for Christmas.
My quilt top is done.
The spray painting I needed to get done is done.
I've got bird feed thingies that I found on Pinterest hanging outside.

And I've bottled the first of my cranberry cordial:

04 November, 2012


I will admit that the processes of Christmas 
are beginning to have their way with me.

Understandable if there are projects requiring preparation,
like this one for Aidan,

 which has to be ready to go at Thanksgiving.
Or a quilt waiting for my attention.

I will admit to trolling through the aisles at Hobby Lobby 
humming snippets of Christmas carols, 
making plans,
 trying to remember what I already have in storage.

I haven't done any real shopping yet - other than the few things I need for Aidan's 
countdown packages.  
Oh and, I have ordered a couple things for him from Amazon.

 Well, now that I'm thinking about it there is a package of ornaments in the closet
and I did pick up another small tree.
And something for my mother - 
but I'll probably give that to her before Christmas so it doesn't really count...

But - just look what called my name at World Market the other day:

 for the spare bedroom.  
They'll be adorable on the wall
above the bed and it's going to require
all my self control not to decorate that room tomorrow.