31 January, 2013

Making lemonade

The bad news is
is that we hit our high temp for the day (6)
at about 7:30 this morning.
Wind chill factors out at around -17.
The good news is that the CPW
of my extravagantly expensive down coat
is becoming quite reasonable.
And for you photo junkies:

Here's Charlie,
debuting the new kitchen floor.

18/365 Snowy Day

Wisps of snowy lace
trail from rooflines to vanish,
Swirling on the wind.

30 January, 2013

17/365 Bedtime

Keening winds search the
Walls with icy fingers.  Cold
Feet find warmth in pairs.

29 January, 2013

16/365 Foggy Day

Distant pinpoints of
Light dance behind the murky
Veil of chill, grey fog.

28 January, 2013

Monday Morning

Another grey week followed by
another grey weekend bringing us to
another grey Monday.
Are you seeing the trend?
But the other day a package arrived.
Packages, as you know, travel with
their own sunshine.
Doesn't a package always put a smile on your face? 
I'd recently seen something on Pinterest
that I figured could be replicated at my house.
So I searched Amazon for that *just right* option and ordered this:
to apply to my washing machine.

The dryer has a funny lip under the door which kept me
from running the decal across its front...
Bright, cheerful, cheap - always a good combination -
providing a small spot of sunshine in a grey winter.

15/365 Rain

Mournful rivulets
trace a path down dusty panes -
dull, grey winter rain.

27 January, 2013

14/365 Dusk

Racing against the
setting sun, storm clouds crowd the
weary day’s last light.

26 January, 2013

13/365 Shadow Play

Sharply etched shadows
shift as the moon climbs behind
the slumbering trees.

25 January, 2013

12/365 Eastern Sky

Time quickens. Dawn’s grey
pearl fades as vibrant pinks spread
the word – a new day.

24 January, 2013


Swirling icy winds
play among bare-twigged branches
bent against the sky.

23 January, 2013

24 Hours

We hear it all the time -
the difference that 24 hours can make in a life.
News, or an event, whether
unexpected or
anxiously awaited
can truly change everything.
google images
Yesterday at this time I was excited,
full of anticipation and energy,
ready to tackle the day's projects.
I felt strong, confident, capable.
I performed my tasks at home and walked
to work with a sure, firm step.
And then, betrayal.
My knee buckled while I was working.
I don't even have an interesting story to tell.
I was simply walking from point A to point B.
There is no tale of derring-do
or athletic prowess gone awry
to chronicle my pain.
There was pain.
A reasonable, manageable pain.
What is unreasonable
is the effect this has had on me.
Yes, prudence would skip my morning workout. 
Skip painting the base cabinets.
But I find myself
to trust the knee with ordinary expectations.
Suddenly I don't feel strong.
Even with the ordinary and inevitable
processes of aging
I've never felt vulnerable or challenged by
a brush with middle-age mortality.
The unwelcome spectre of change or limitation
 has never been an active threat.
Until today.
Even as I write this I recognize a certain level
of over-reaction.
I'm not given to over-reacting.
I'm calm and sensible.
It's only a wrenched knee for Pete's sake!
But most of us - even on our most rational days - look for
the small markers that may signal
a need for attention.
Today I'll adjust my plans
take it easy
probably even drive to work.
 I'll no doubt take an inventory of goals
and reasonable expectations;
make an examination of current routines.
There's a challenge here and I can already
sense a response.  
What do I need to do to safeguard
my expectations?

10/365 Dawn

Sharp white contrails pierce
dawn’s coral bands as heavy
eyes watch the sun rise.

22 January, 2013

9/365 Winter Sun

Winter sun shines bright
but false, telling shameless lies,
mocking my cold bones.

21 January, 2013

If you're wondering...

It. is. cold.
Just cold.
Generally, the poem I post each day contains
my observations
from the previous day.
A system that works for me.
I know it's early but I'm already having
trouble with the idea
that my impressions of today will be
dominated by flannels and sweatshirts and
hot oatmeal...
The birds have taken refuge somewhere out of
the wind.  I wish them well.
The sun is up but is telling the most
shameless lies.
It. is. cold.
So, I'm enjoying my hot oatmeal
with blueberries.
The tantalizing aroma of spinach puffs is moving from
the oven into my office area.
When I finish this post it will be time for flannels and a sweatshirt
so I can get to work.
The plan is to prime, paint and hang
the cupboard doors
and to start on the base cabinets.
We're making progress.
There are nine boxes of flooring in the back entry.
Walls have changed color.
The railing is gone.
(really gone - I can hear the garbage truck outside right now!)
My day is waiting - hope all is well for you...

8/365 Fresh Snow

Soft and light a clean
blanket gently covers all
offering no warmth.

20 January, 2013

Sunday Morning

Over the years there has been one phrase
- three little words -
that never fails to make my heart race.

I heard it again this morning.

Hold the ladder.
google images


7/365 Winter Sky

Cloudless blue sky, bright
but chill, an endless page for
Winter’s long lament.

19 January, 2013

6/365 Night Sounds

Raging winds assail
the night.  Tattered dreams await
dawn’s promised repose.

18 January, 2013

5/365 The Cardinal

Crimson elegance
alights to dine, bold against
winter’s grey landscape.

17 January, 2013

4/365 Sunrise

Crimson streaks fade to
pink heralding a new day,
sunrise on the Plains.

16 January, 2013

3/365 - January Moon

Sliver-thin crescent

gleams, nestled in the velvet

bosom of winter.

15 January, 2013

2/365 - Squirrels

Saucy acrobats
perform in treetops framed by
my kitchen window.

14 January, 2013

365 Day Challenge

I mentioned in a recent post that I was considering a 365 day challenge.
There were, as there always are,
several factors involved in the decision.
Discipline, creative outlet,
mid-life yearnings
for something different, yet essentially me;
something that requires a stretch while feeling rather comfortable
all played their part.
Moving from "mulling it over" to
"publish post" was maybe the hardest part of the process.
So, today I give you the first of
365 Haiku for Your Consideration 
Winter’s sun kisses
my face, teasing.  Icy breath
belies the caress.

Stop back, follow along, come with me...

13 January, 2013

Patience rewarded!

I figured out where to find my photos.
This will have to do for a "before" shot:
Cupboards are already door-less and empty.
Here are a couple not-quite-after shots:

I love the color.

12 January, 2013

Projects abound

We're painting in the kitchen.
(As you may well guess I forgot to take "before" pictures - oops!)
Project one.
I'm also still learning the new laptop Tim gave me for Christmas
so even though I did take several
"here-we-are-in-the-middle-of-the-process" pictures
I don't know how to edit and add them.
So, computer:
Project 2.
Of course, if you're pulling doors from cupboards
you're going to clean, sort, toss the contents:
Project 3.
Starting yard sale piles for this spring:
Project 4.
My attention has been piqued by this blog:
Cute and ...cute - take a look.
So, rather uncharacteristically, I bought the book.
Just like that.
Kindle edition - instant scratch for that
particular itch.
I plan to pursue a 365 challenge of my own.
Project 5.
And some well defined strategies like
 going to bed earlier
getting more exercise
looking for humor
for a
healthier, happier me.
Project 6.

04 January, 2013

January- again!?

As I sat down the other night it hit me - the holidays are finished. 
No crochet hooks, knitting needles or yarn in hand.
Lists have been completed and tossed.
We neither have, nor are, company. 
The suitcases are empty and back in storage.
Time belongs to us once again.
So, of course, I immediately began
planning new projects. 
 Making a list or two.
Scheduling a trip.
Even if we avoid the pull of "resolutions"
it is all but impossible to forego
the opportunities for reflection that come with a new year.
Health?  Check.
Family?  Check.
Travel plans?  Check.
Creative license?  Check.
Changes?  Opportunities? Commitments?
Check, check and check.
My daughter left for Haiti this morning - a medical mission.
When she returns house hunting begins.
She and Aidan hope to be in their own place by May.
It has been a tough year for them.
We've helped as we could but it's not our life.
The hard blows and tough decisions have been hers.
We watch, wait, take our cues and do our best
but she handles it.
We're proud and amazed by her clear-headed strength.
My son is busy with studies again this year.
He'll be back in the garden as soon as possible.
It sounds like chickens are part of the plan for this spring.
A wedding is also on the calendar.
At times the west coast seems another world
and we feel the separation keenly.
Weekly phone calls are part of his routine and we
treasure each one.
We're proud of the direction he's taking.
My mother turns eighty next week.
She works - too many hours - because
she likes having money.
It makes me laugh to hear her say that.
She has an Alaskan cruise scheduled this spring.
Everything will be interesting to her
and she'll come home full of stories to share.
She'll probably ask to steer the ship!
I obviously come from hardy stock and
 am pleased to see the next generation holding their own.  
My own plans for the year ahead are somewhat vague.
My primary role for many years
was accommodation and orchestration.
And I'm good at that but feel the need for a bigger plan.
So we'll see what the next few weeks bring.
Resolutions? Probably not.
Resolve? Sounds good.