16 December, 2011

Valerie's post reminded me of a story I've not yet told.

Not too long ago someone asked how the move went - nothing lost or broken etc.
And I was thrilled to report it had gone well - everything was accounted for.

Then it came time for Christmas decorations.
Every year
I look forward to decorating for Christmas,  this isn't the story but stay with me,
Every year,
even though I enjoy decorating for Christmas, my decorations get simpler.
 hopefully Taste plays a part but I'll admit that it's mostly because I hate un-decorating.

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Okay this is the story
Around Thanksgiving, as I was planning and unpacking the totes that contain my Christmas stuff,
 I realized the mercury glass ornaments were gone.

Thinking back I could pinpoint exactly what happened.

During the un-decorating phase of last Christmas these ornaments
were tucked for convenience sake (because I hate to un-decorate)
 - along with a vignette of white decorations- into a box labeled "whites" which was
then placed in a large tote containing Christmas stuff.

At some point, as I was packing up the house, I went through all the totes and knowing the new house was smaller made several executive decisions - disposing of this, keeping that...

I remember
 holding the box labeled "whites."

I didn't remember
that I had added those ornaments to that box.

I remember
I didn't even open the box -
it simply joined the pile for donation to the Senior Center.  



Since then two other things have been identified as "not-found-yet."
I know they made the trip with us so it's just a matter of finding where they were stashed.
I'm holding out hope that their status will change...

15 December, 2011

Big sigh!

I've returned from the Northlands, registered for a new school term (and new school), started my baking, finished my last test, and am ready for a night off. 

Maybe everyone already knows this but it dawned on me yesterday that
Christmas is next week!
I won't even run through the list of things I want/need to get done over the course of the next few days.
But it won't happen tonight.

Poor Aidan was pretty sick last week and I'm glad I was able to go up for those few days.
They will be here some time next Friday.

I've registered at DMACC - classes start January 9 - which seems awfully soon...
I will also have a practicum (from NE) to finish out my library classes.  
But for now - I'm free!!

Oh, tomorrow will be such a fun day!!

05 December, 2011

Making my list

checking it more than twice.
Wednesday morning I'll head up to Minneapolis for several days.  
Unfortunately, it's an awkward time to be away from home for an extended visit.
It will require some serious list making and checking.
There are things I need:
  to do before I leave town.
to complete my school work for the semester.
to bring for Naphtali.
for Aidan.
for Charlie and yes for Proton.
in case the weather is bad - or just cold.

There are things I need to keep up with holiday projects:
Christmas cards, mailing lists, stamps.
a quilt.
something - can't give it away - else.
a shopping list!

I'm excited to go - 
and I'd better get going!

Wish me luck!

02 December, 2011


It may seem odd, considering my chosen profession, that I rarely mention what I am reading.  
Good question - no answer.
Today that not only changes - you'll get a 2fer.

I am currently reading the conversations book.  
Actually I am listening to it - you really do need to listen to it.
I did, however, bring home the print version hoping to find notes that will fill in gaps in my knowledge of the names that are used so casually.  

The composure of this woman is amazing.  The conversations started in march of 64 - less than six months after her world was turned upside down in Dallas.  
It is a fascinating glimpse of the times and attitudes
of a bygone world.

On the other end of the spectrum, I'm also enjoying the latest installment of the
Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes story by Laurie King.

Wry humor.  Colorful characters.  

It makes a good read - I like a few chapters before bed 
with my 4 ounces of red wine and whole grain crackers.  

Hope you have a good weekend.