31 August, 2013

230/365 Changing Seasons

Summer’s lingering

Dusk has disappeared - nightfall

Is dark and sudden.

30 August, 2013

229/365 Morning Sky

Darkness sits heavy

In the sky, reluctant to

Relinquish  the night.

29 August, 2013

228/365 Hot August Night

Air conditioners

Compete with cicadas to

Fill the night’s silence.

28 August, 2013

227/365 Running Late

Chastised by ticking

Hands, I face my clock content

With my dawdling pace.

27 August, 2013

226/365 Answering Machine

Treasured voices stir

The heart’s deep recesses with

Precious memories.


It's funny where the mind will take us.
Today I had a vivid recollection of
choosing my first bottle of moisturizer.
Early 30's.
Living in PA.
I had playground duty several times
each day at the school
our children attended and
decided it was time
to protect my skin from the elements.
I chose Oil of Olay
and splurged on
the frosted glass bottle with a pump.
My products have changed over the years
but not my dedication.
google images
I am a moisturizer.
The outside world may see me without
makeup, mascara or lipstick,
but I never skip the moisturizer.
My face, neck and chest are
slathered twice daily.
I've recently added the back of my hands
to that list.  With all
the anti-aging properties
packed into these new formulas
it seems a shame to pass over
my hands, which often bear the brunt
of careless use or exposure.
I do use lotions on them
but this takes only a sec
and it makes me feel that I've
done a good thing.

26 August, 2013

225/365 Vision

Turning visions to

Reality requires a

Patient and deft touch.

25 August, 2013

224/365 Dogs Days

Oppressive heat and

Scorching winds send my dog in

Search of shaded rest.

24 August, 2013

223/365 Black Night

Steamy clouds obscure

A waning moon struggling

To light the thick night.

23 August, 2013

Passing Time

I've just applied the top coat to my nails
so I'm doing a bit of surfing waiting for everything to dry.
I work tomorrow and need nice nails.
Scrolling through Pinterest it occurred to me
that I haven't eaten any  pasta for over
three months.
Brown rice, wild rice, potatoes, but no pasta.
Last night I sautéed
 banana peppers from our garden
with red and orange peppers,
mushrooms, spinach,
and potatoes from the garden.
Of course, there is no photo.
You'll have to believe me when I say
it was colorful and tasty.
And will be repeated soon.
This pin:

will be used in the next few days.
It looks so tasty!
And the ingredients are already on hand!
It's too easy
- and enjoyable -
to eat the same rotation of foods.
Pinterest provides a nudge from time-to-time
 reminding me that some options
are really quite simple.

222/365 Hummingbirds

Zooming swoops driven

 By unseen wings bring tiny

Wonders into view.

22 August, 2013

221/365 Miserly Skies

Parched ground opens in

Search of moisture denied by

The cloudless heavens.

Free time

As I have nothing pressing on my calendar
- or mind -
today, it seemed like a good time for a new post.
"Our" hummingbirds are back.
The swooping sound made by their wings is always
a delight to hear.  And they make an odd
chirp, almost like a dolphin's chatter,
that always surprises me.
Sadly, this year, I won't be watching for them
while reclining indulgently
in my hammock.
It has disintegrated.
String by string.
You can't imagine how much I already miss it.
I'm glad it held together long
enough for Aidan to enjoy while he was here.
Earlier this morning I went through my tee shirts.
The rag bag will be replenished,
with some going on to the Goodwill .
The other day I went through my pants.
It's rather embarrassing that there were so many
items in both the "keep" and
"toss" piles. 
The plan was to do no shopping for a few
more weeks.  Make what I have
work for these last few weeks of heat
and enjoy some new fall clothes.
That is still the general outline of my plan,
but, there are some gaps- literally -
that need to be filled.  Now.
And everyone has everything on sale
so tomorrow I will pick up a few essentials.
And scope out some of the fall offerings...

21 August, 2013

220/365 Wednesday Morning

Cotton ball clouds dot

The pale morning sky above
Bustling commuters.

20 August, 2013

219/365 August

Sledgehammer heat beats

Against the pavement putting

Fall musings on hold.

19 August, 2013

218/365 Storytime

Captivating tales

Fire our imagination

Opening new worlds.

18 August, 2013

217/365 Details

Small tasks, easily

Ignored, nag the list-maker

To be included.

Final Report

My ten week session at Farrell's is history.
We finished with testing in the morning
and a party last night.
Monday morning it starts all over again.
Here's my final tally:
14.6 pounds - lost.
16 total inches - melted away.
4.03 minutes shaved from my mile
bringing it under 12.
Sit-ups, push-ups and flexibility all increased.
I will also add,
 with some relief at the thought that my photos will remain private,
that it was not enough to win the $1000.
I'm honestly thrilled for Katie,
who was in my 9:15 class.
The money will be used for college expenses.
 I am more than pleased by what I've
accomplished in these past ten weeks.
And look forward to what comes next.

17 August, 2013

216/365 Laughter

The laughter children

Generate is healthful – the

True fountain of youth.

16 August, 2013

We had great weather for our day at the fair.
Saw more than we'll remember.
Laughed and chatted our way through the day
and slept like logs through the night.
Aidan heads home tomorrow.
It's always a short week...

215/365 The State Fair

The panorama

Of sound and motion provides

Amusement in spades.

15 August, 2013

214/365 Chorale

Evening strollers are

Serenaded by a choir

Of chirping crickets.

14 August, 2013

213/365 August

Chirping crickets mark

The summer’s changing rhythms

As night crowds the dusk.

Worth a thousand words?

13 August, 2013

212/365 August Night

Chirping crickets mark

The passing of mild summer

Nights as Fall draws near.

12 August, 2013

211/365 Game On

Energy runs high

On short legs as father and

Son play together.

11 August, 2013

210/365 Long Day

Even the dogs are

Drooping as the day winds to
Its reluctant end.

Sunday Evening

Tomorrow begins the last week
of my ten week session of
There will be final-results testing and tallies
an "after" picture
and a party.
I've already signed on to continue
for the next year.
I like the accountability.
I like the workout.
I like the way I look.
The way I feel.
We finished putting the deck back together.
(I really missed having my breakfast
under the tree.)
The hummingbird is back.
The green beans have been delicious.
Beets will come into play this week.
Aidan is here for the week.
We've already played tennis
and a round of golf.
Had ice cream.
And baked zucchini bread.
The State Fair is scheduled for Thursday.
And I'm certain the days in between will
be filled with a flurry of activity.

10 August, 2013

209/365 Stillness

In the calm, dim hour

Before sunrise, the soft song

Of a bird builds strength.

09 August, 2013

208/365 Challenge Accepted

Smiling at the thrown

Gauntlet, strategies are drawn

To claim victory.

08 August, 2013


Transitioning any wardrobe
is a process requiring creativity and fortitude.

August in Iowa can be tricky.
September, too.
We can face another six weeks of summer temps
while surrounded by examples of new
and sweaters.
This year I have the added "complication"
of weight loss.
I just need a few things for work,
so the last few weeks have been spent going through
my drawers and closet,
sorting and building piles, as I see
what will get me through the next few weeks.
I don't want to buy anything right now...
One pile is on it's way out the door.
Doesn't fit.
Can't be altered.
Other items have had elastic and/or darts added.
A couple pair of lightweight pants
have received new side seams.
Shoulders have been adjusted.
I have a couple skirts that will see more use.
Grocery shoppers may see me wearing this:

I have to admit it has been hanging
in my closet for a couple years. 
I picked it up at a thrift store hoping it would fit. 
 It didn't.
But I liked it and I liked the idea of it, so it stayed.
I googled the label the other day when I wore
 it for the first time.
It's a Hilo Hattie, bias cut, 100% silk dress
that cost me $3.00!
Inspired by my sister's love for linen and recent
I did pick up a red 3/4 sleeve linen shirt. 
The dreaded D rings were removed, the strap
simply fed through the loop and tied.
The slubby texture means it's not an intensely red red.
Princess seaming keeps it trim.
So far, so good.

207/365 Late Night

Framed by my window

A lone star pulses gently

In an inky sky.

07 August, 2013

206/365 The Grasshopper

Ancient harbinger

Of destruction devours with

Efficient design.

06 August, 2013

205/365 Rain Clouds

Majestic billows

Course across the sky to grant

Their largesse elsewhere.

05 August, 2013

204/365 Oblivion

Dreams scroll unheeded

As sleep swiftly carries the

Weary far away.

04 August, 2013

Fresh Peaches

Tim offered my services to bake
a peach pie
for a couple at Kennybrook.
George found a source for Missouri peaches
and brought some over yesterday.
He added a few extra for us.
All I can say is
We shared a couple peaches last night.
Another was claimed at breakfast.
You don't want to know how many snippets
did not make it into the pie.

George's eyes lit up when he saw his pie. 

I made enough dough to bake Tim a small one.
His eyes lit up. too.
And through it all I enjoyed pleasant memories of
life in Pennsylvania.

203/365 Remembrances

An evocative

Aroma fills the heart with

Treasured memories.

03 August, 2013

202/365 Soft Summer Night

Pulsating light from

Countless stars fails to lift the

Darkness of the night.

201/365 Oversight

Some days laughter is

The only reasonable

Response when you err.
I had imagined that my daily streak would be broken
at some point.
 something big
 would eventually interfere with
the rhythms of my life.
Yesterday I finished my day early.
Painted my nails
picked up a magazine
enjoyed the
feeling of being done.

01 August, 2013

200/365 Passing Time

Days fly toward year’s end

Unmoved by our challenges

Or daily triumphs.

  Can you believe this is number 200?!

Something New

I tackled a project, this week, that
had been on my mind for a while-
inspiration from both Pinterest and my sister.
As usual, pictures didn't occur to me until
after things were underway.
The mirror used to sit on the dresser.
Switched the furniture
-the dresser weighs a ton! -

and added a surge strip and white lights to create

a place to do my hair.