30 November, 2014


Next week at this time
we'll be in Paris.
This will be a busy week as final
preparations are completed.
Here's a section from my to do list:
finalize packing selections
go to the bank
get a manicure
pay bills
have my glasses adjusted
compile addresses for  postcards
avoid breaking toes
(or fillings)

27 November, 2014

Faux Snow Bunny

I like Thanksgiving.
Like so many
I have much in my life that
prompts a spirit of thankfulness.
Thanksgiving evokes tradition and
a nostalgia unmatched by other holidays
even though it seems to be increasingly overlooked
in our accelerated commercial
holiday season.
Regardless of personal preferences
and health-driven choices
we many of us I tend to revert to certain traditional
patterns and indulgences.
Or maybe I'm just weak-willed and
susceptible to peer pressure...
Today's outfit was pulled together to
match the retro vibe of the day.
With my "stretch" pants
tucked into snow boots, turtleneck, chunky cable sweater
headband and sunglasses
I felt like I had just stepped off a
vintage travel poster.
Over the river and through the
woods, indeed.
Hope you enjoyed your day.

23 November, 2014

Sunday Night

I baked an apple pie for some friends
earlier this evening and the fading
aroma is competing with
tonight's shrieking winds to put me in a
cozy frame of mind. 
I was actually on my way to bed
but the opportunity to cross one
more item from my list
was irresistible.
Our fall weather has taken a turn toward
winter which means
blankets and sweaters and coats
that would ordinarily not
make an appearance
for another month
have already been put into
These were my favorite shoes this fall: 
 fun and comfy, they've logged many miles.
These clogs from Dansko have 
proven to be a good choice
and have been perfect with jeans
or a skirt and tights.

Our flight to Paris leaves in less
than two weeks. 
My packing list has yet to be finalized.
The idea of being able to do laundry
tempts me to pack
light, very light,
 making every choice critical.
Or not.