28 February, 2013

46/365 Morning Song

Trilling cardinal in
classic treetop pose brightens
a bleak winter morn.

27 February, 2013

45/365 Midnight

Mirrored in the night
Sky - radiant with borrowed  
Light - the fresh snow falls.

26 February, 2013

44/365 Morning Snow

Lazy flakes dally,
Obscuring the sky, blurring
The grey shapes below.

25 February, 2013


Patchwork patterns of
Melting snow shift under the
Mid-day sun’s warm touch.


It was a good weekend for our seemingly
never-ending list of projects.
Can't wait to show you the finished kitchen
and you should see what Tim started yesterday!!
Part of the problem - for me- are
those things which come up that aren't even on the list.
My serger - out for repairs since early January -
 finally came back on Friday.

 I suddenly realized just how many
piles had taken root in my sewing room.
I would need to clean before it could even go back in its spot!!
 I cleaned that room yesterday.
Made a curtain for the kitchen, too.
Did some other sewing that had been
waiting for the serger's return.
Felt good.
There were also plans to frame a couple trail maps
for Tim's office area which lead to a hunt
for spare picture frames
which lead to
the one box that was never unpacked after our move.
google images
I unpacked it yesterday.
The box was labeled "music boxes."
I had a vague idea of what else might be in there
but wasn't prepared to find:
Mercury glass Christmas ornaments!
I thought they'd been left in Nebraska!!
A piece of McCoy!
I'd forgotten it existed!!
A handful of wonderful surprises!!
Several items that have gone directly
to the yard sale box.
 Done without them for over a year!!

How fun!!  I'm looking forward to finding
just the right spots for all these
unexpected treasures!!

I'll add it to my list of projects...


24 February, 2013

42/365 Dusk

Argent moon climbs high
In the east as lavender
Sunset claims the west.

23 February, 2013

41/365 Lone Tree

A gnarled giant
Stands, marking time and place for
 Long generations.
I went up to Fort Dodge today and
 - as is fairly typical of a drive through the rural mid west -
came across a stunningly beautiful example
 of the lone tree standing at the edge of a field.
Those trees always intrigue me.

22 February, 2013

40/365 Aftermath

Fresh snow sparkles in
The pallid mid-day sun while
Frosted tree limbs droop.

21 February, 2013

39/365 Conversation

Treasured voices, bright
Against the gathering storm,
Reassure the heart.

20 February, 2013

38/365 Before the Storm

Cold, steely wind cuts
Deep as the pale sun looks on
Offering no help.

19 February, 2013

37/365 Waves in the Night

Like surf-tossed pebbles
Distant memories tumble,
Borne on midnight winds.

18 February, 2013

36/365 Warm kisses

Thick frost glistens in
The shadows, melting when kissed
By the rising sun.

17 February, 2013

35/365 Morning Calls

Twittering birds greet
The morning sun, calling
To hasten its rise.

16 February, 2013

34/365 Shadow Play

Trees dancing in the
Morning sun cast delicate
Shadows on my wall.

15 February, 2013

33/365 Taken by Surprise

Stinging winds, sharp with
Icy spray, rob the promise
Of warmth from the day.

14 February, 2013

A new favorite

February is almost over.
The check-out period at our library is three weeks
so we have been saying March this or that for
several days already and
it makes the time go so fast!!
The last two weeks were fun as
I indulged in my traditional
valentine saturation for Tim.
  He was on the look-out for a particular
stunt that has become a standard, I was able
to mix in a few new ideas and
we both had a few laughs along the way
which is always good.
This is what I found last night when I returned from work:
Aren't they lovely? Thanks, Tim!
Happy Valentine's Day

32/365 Night Sky

Glitter-strewn velvet
Encases the night softly
Whispering, “Now sleep.”

13 February, 2013

31/365 Bald Eagle

Riding on warm winds
High above receding ice -
  Majesty in flight.
On my way home yesterday I crossed the bridge over the Saylorville ReservoirAt roughly eye-level, right beside the bridge, I saw a bald eagle and thought of my father-in-law.  John used to talk with a particular note of awe in his voice of the eagles that gathered down here.  He enjoyed spotting them and always hoped that we (anyone, really) would have the same opportunity.  Whether for that reason, or others, it is always an intense pleasure to spot one on the fly. This was the first I've seen since we moved back last year.

12 February, 2013

30/365 Morning sun

Sunlight streams through snow-
encrusted trees glittering
as icy winds blow.

11 February, 2013

Snow delay

I should be writing this from home -
 actually I should be home doing my nails
but the weather intervened and I
won't leave until tomorrow morning.
The snow was wet and heavy - 
really rather lovely.
Aidan and I shoveled the driveway and spent the day
doing a puzzle and playing Dread Pirates.
The dogs slept nicely underfoot until
 someone had the misfortune to
clink their spoon
rustle a paper
say "okay" or
"good boy"
"let's go"
ensuing chaos
would set us both to
laughing.  Then we'd spend the
next ten minutes getting everyone settled again.
I love listening to Aidan spell words so the dogs won't catch on!
It was a happy day.
 Tomorrow Charlie and I will head home.
Also a happy day.

29/365 Sleep

Blessed sleep enfolds
me granting respite - labors
cease, thoughts slow, time stills.

10 February, 2013

28/365 Snowfall

Thick whispering flakes
Cling to tangled vines.  Evening 
 Deepens with the snow.   

09 February, 2013

27/365 The Pines

Stately sentinels
Offer shelter in graceful
Boughs unmoved by wind.

08 February, 2013

26/365 Puddles

Shallow ripples mark
The surface as melting snow  
Runs before the wind.

07 February, 2013

Road Trip!!

This one will be just Charlie and me
heading to the Northlands.
So it makes a busy night.
There's always a last load of laundry.
Run the dishwasher
pack me
pack Charlie
pack audiobooks
pack gifts
pack winter gear

Friday night is Aidan's Chinese New Year program
followed by a dinner of
- what else? -
Chinese cuisine at a local eatery.
I've been told that Saturday will feature
frozen waffles
a Monopoly marathon
and a trip to the thrift store.
we'll be looking at a couple houses.
(Keep your fingers crossed)
The day will be capped by a visit to Margo's house.
She and Naphtali have a presentation
for the "docs"
on their trip to Haiti.
Naphtali has only dribbled a few details
 so I'm excited to see and hear more of the story.
Monday will find me homeward bound.
I may sneak in another stop
at the thrift store before I leave town...


25/365 Rain at Dawn

Rain patters, rousing
The day with dulcet tones.  Dreams
 Fade to shifting mists.

06 February, 2013

24/365 Shadow Boxing

Sparring partners dance
 Across the sky - taunting as  
They jab, feint, parry.

05 February, 2013

23/365 Waking

Dreams entwine with dawn’s
Soft rays.  Sound intrudes chasing
Sleep into cold light.

04 February, 2013

22/365 A Welcome Change

Warm sun.  Soft winds.  Snow
Melting to clean, laughing streams.
Lift your face and smile.

03 February, 2013

21/365 Steadfast Flight

Silent wings carry
Geese unerringly homeward
Through the falling snow.

02 February, 2013

20/365 Waking

Landscape in grey and
White waits for sunrise to wake
The colors of day.

01 February, 2013

Happy Birthday


Birthday greetings for Jacob!
I'm not sure what's required of me in this situation.
Should I feel traumatized that my youngest has turned 30!?
Cards and confetti have been mailed
and though it seems impossible that 30 years have been
measured in this way
the reality is that they have not only passed
but they've been full:
 of happy and heartbreaking events
of old friends and new
of places and opportunities
of growth and change
of more than could be told.
Happy Birthday, Jacob.
Here's to another 30 years!!

19/365 Sundogs

Alight with wonder
Bright, arcing sundogs herd the
 Westering sun home.     

google images