27 August, 2012


made with tomatoes from our garden

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24 August, 2012

Feeling pleased with myself

My printer has been offline for quite some time.
I've been reminding myself - for quite some time - to ask Tim to take a look.
By take a look I mean fix it!!

You know, though, how this works:

I don't want to print very often, 
think of it at a convenient time, 
fail to leave a note, 
shuffle the priority list,

This morning I wanted to print this from a pinterest board:

Did I grind my teeth, remembering that my printer is offline 
and I had let another week go by without asking for help?

No.  I opened the control panel, clicked through the process
and reinstated my printer to full function.

I printed the page.

20 August, 2012

Another first

Last week saw another first for me:

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Monday was our anniversary so Tim put in a couple early morning hours at work
and we headed to the Iowa State Fair.

Familiar refrain:  
Tim's family did; mine didn't.

Fairs were problematic for us when the girls were little 
but we began making them a regular event when we lived in PA.

Tim and I hit the Nebraska State Fair several times.  
Once we won at bingo.  That small grill Tim works his magic with?  It was our bingo prize.

So we wandered.  Day-dreamed.  Chatted.  Laughed.
Had a fun day.

Yes, we saw the butter cow and the chocolate moose.

10 August, 2012

The view from my hammock

This will tie together eventually - just stay with me!

I enjoy lolling in the hammock on our deck.
With this summer's heat my opportunities have been few
 and mainly limited to around 8AM 
- a time when I normally feel the need to be productive.

I have a variety of decorative geegaws hanging from the lower branches of the tree
which give me a certain satisfied, jackdaw-like pleasure.
A chandelier, 
several small bottles, 
a couple of wire/beaded stars, 
glass balls
you get the idea...

I also enjoy Pinterest but don't want to be one who only gathers other people's ideas.
I actually want to try some of the beautiful/interesting/possible
 things I see posted.

The other day I saw this:

and knew that I wanted one hanging from my tree.

So I gathered my supplies:

a pan and silicon mold from the Dollar Tree
and a bag of $2.99 beads from Hobby Lobby.

20 minutes in the oven at 400 degrees.  
If your timing is good, you can use a toothpick to make the hole
 for hanging while the plastic is still warm.
Otherwise wait until it cools/hardens (about 10 minutes)
 and use a drill.

Can you spot it?

What a Day!!

I hope you can see this and appreciate the significance.

It's noon.  I can't decide which is more exciting:
The air conditioner is off.  The temp in the house is 68 - 68!!

I wish I could tell you how long it has been since we had open windows.

08 August, 2012

Catching up

While I'm still at the computer I may as well fill in a few blanks from the last month or so...

I am done with school.

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The paperwork is in the mail.  Somewhere.  But I have finished.
Of course, the keyboard had hardly cooled before we began discussions on *what next.*
*Next* may happen in January which will give me time to look at my options.

We've had company.  We've been company.

We have had Aidan and Proton for visits of varying lengths 
but everyone is sleeping under their own roof again.

We celebrated Naphtali's birthday.

The garden is producing.  
We are in green bean week which means that supper is a variation on green beans.  
Tonight I will add brown rice, baby bellas and 1/2 a chicken sausage to mine.

There are projects in various stages all over the house.  

Charlie and I are still walking in the mornings.

My wisteria produced a few blooms/blossoms/clusters.

I've joined the world of pinterest - barely.

I'm learning to drink fizzy water.

The days are full and I'm tired when it's time to go to bed.

Hope all is well in your world.


It has been a fairly domestic day.
Picked herbs and green beans early this morning.
Laundry, dishes, errands etc.
Moved some furniture around.
Juiced a bag of lemons - freezing the juice for future use.

Why we had a bag of lemons is a mystery...