29 July, 2011


With apologies to MM Lerner and Loewe I'd like to rephrase Professor Higgins' lament: 
Why can't a woman's shaver be more like a man's!?

 I will gladly give the industry credit for getting the handles right but it's not cutsie names and girly colors that will secure my consumer loyalty.  I simply want a shaver that will reliably produce a close shave.  Maybe even a week's worth - like Tim's do. One of his week-old units can out perform some of mine right out of the package!  In the grand scheme of things this is obviously a small matter, but with summer grooming in full swing and with little else to occupy my thoughts it has taken on unreasonable proportions...

28 July, 2011

Bon Anniversaire

Felicitations on the day to you, Naphtali!  Sending hugs and love...

How do you communicate spur-of-the-moment greetings?
Tweet?  Text?  Email? Phone call?

Send a happy birthday to Naphtali.

26 July, 2011

Great minds...

It was tempting, after a quick read through this morning's posts, to suppose that everyone was thinking of ... me!
The comments made by Duchesse fit in, not with my retirement, but with the prospect of starting over, redefining my role in this new place without completely discarding who I've been in the old place.  Pseu offered a refresher for casual wear beyond sweats, as well as links to a very timely look at hot weather solutions from Imogene.  I'll lift (and credit) a portion from Sal at Already Pretty that simplifies
 the idea of signature pieces: 
The quickest shortcut to unified personal style is to select and wear a few signature items. You may consider your watch or pendant necklace to be signatures, but this practice is most effective when the items in question are fairly large and noticeable, and exist within your wardrobe in several variations....I have multiple versions of these items already in my wardrobe, wear them often, AND! By wearing them across the board, no matter what the dominant influences in an outfit may be, I create continuity. If you find that solid-colored cardigans, ballet flats, and cuff bracelets are your signatures, do your best to deploy those pieces often and in multiple style contexts.

These women managed to touch on areas that have grabbed my attention as I navigate this transition/move.  Maybe they were thinking about you, too.

23 July, 2011

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

This heat makes me crazy.  It saps my energy. 
 Meals are reduced to the very basics - what can be eaten standing at the sink? 
 Lunch has pretty consistently been refried black beans with chips, cheese and mango-peach salsa.  
 Supper is a salad - this one features chicken breast - and a chipotle ranch dressing.  I know.  
 I baked and froze several chicken breasts the other day and will work my way through them 
over the next week.  A bag of cherries was a recent splurge and worth every penny.  
Ice water - lots and lots of ice water rounds out the menu on these hot days.

22 July, 2011

Women who Walk

While in Grimes last week, Charlie and I managed to walk almost every day.

For some reason the WwW, in Grimes, don't wear sunglasses.

I love a good pair of sunglasses and am rarely outside without them.
Big ones not only block the sun, safeguarding my vision, but prevent the drying effects of sun and wind from damaging the tender skin around my eyes.
Actually, I've seen very few sunglasses around town - on walkers or anyone else.

However, for those same WwW, running shorts are de rigueur.  
  I'm a capri gal - having established an exercise wardrobe that consists of gray Danskin capris and white v-neck tees.