30 June, 2013

168/365 The promise of Tomorrow

Dear faces, bereft
Of their smiles, call to our hearts
For solace and hope.

29 June, 2013

167/365 Milestones

Our lives expand as

Our children take each new step

Multiplying joy.
Congratulations Alison and Tim. 

28 June, 2013

166/365 Assurances

Gentle words can calm

The heart, quiet the raging

Storm of wave-tossed doubts.

27 June, 2013

165/365 Early Morning

Gilded clouds drift past
The window, high against the
Pale blue morning sky.

26 June, 2013

164/365 Storytelling

The chronicles of

Daily life tell only part

Of each heart’s story.

25 June, 2013

163/365 Reinventing the Wheel

Open to change while

Asking opinions requires

Strength and optimism.

24 June, 2013

162/365 Thunder Shower

Great, heavy drops of

Rain cascading against hot

Skin bring cool relief.

23 June, 2013

161/365 Expectation

The pleasure found in

Planning is but a shadow

Of the achievement.

22 June, 2013

160/365 Unexpected Loss

The cold sudden touch

Of sorrow intrudes even

In the joys of life.

21 June, 2013

159/365 Rolling Winds

The strong summer wind

Tumbles sunshine and shadows

Like surf-tossed pebbles.

20 June, 2013

158/365 Reminiscence

Shivers, unbidden,

Delight the heart as mem’ries

Surge with rueful grace.

19 June, 2013

157/365 Agenda

Calendars, clocks, lists,

Tracking time and sanity

Through bustling days.

Food! Glorious Food!

The food.
This program does include/advocate
a system of six small meals daily,
(taken every 2.5 - 3 hours)
emphasizing proteins and good carbs.
And water.
Lots of water.
Palm-sized protein portions.
Fist-sized carbs.

I'm not hungry.
I'm not bored with my options.
The biggest challenge, so far,
has been to stretch my day to accommodate
an 18-hour period between first
and last meal.
Especially, when my preferred schedule
doesn't see me out of bed 'til around 7:00 am
and I want to stop eating around
7:30 each evening.
Back in bed by 9:30.
It's tough.
It makes me laugh to think of the day that I returned from class,
picked my spinach and prepared an egg for my
second breakfast. 
(This is the only meal that I actually take the time to prepare.)
(as opposed to a bowl of bran flakes with strawberries)
(or peanut butter toast)
(or nuking a bowl of rice and beans)
Fresh spinach
red pepper
some cheese
one egg
1/2 a whole grain wrap.
By the time I finished my breakfast
cleaned up
took a shower and got ready to
run errands
it was time to eat again!! 
I'll have to learn to move faster...
I use my chart and log faithfully.
Starting with a plan for the day is necessary, though
adjustments are often made as I juggle
schedule and intent.
For the last few years it has been our habit to
grill enough meat for a week's meals.
Appropriate portions are frozen and
This works well with my new regimen.
I've learned to make a
batch of brown rice to keep ready in the 'fridge.
I make it with vegetable stock.
Last week it was eaten with black beans,
cheese and fresh salsa.
Sometimes hot, sometimes cold.
Sometimes early in the day.
Sometimes as supper.
This week, I sautéed a portion of cabbage, onion, red pepper
and carrots (kept ready for several meals)
which I will add to the rice when needed.
I carry a portion of almonds whenever I leave the house.
Water, too, bien sur!
I'm making the effort to save my
greek yogurt closer to bedtime, which I find
a hard habit to cultivate.

18 June, 2013

156/365 Play Date

Children’s voices sound
Clear, bright in sunshine buffered
By soft, cool breezes.

17 June, 2013


Our project this weekend was to replace
the window in the upstairs bathroom.
According to the papers that accompanied it
professional installation
would require approximately
one hour.
Whatever else we may be
professional installers
we're not.
Some creative problem-solving was required, involving
several additional trips up and
down the ladder.
What really slowed us down, though,
was stopping to watch the green beans grow.
google images
Last week Tim planted green beans
in the garden box on the south
side of the house.
The ladder to the window was set
just beside the garden space.
When we started the box was empty except for three (3)
fingernail-sized, green nubbins,
just emerging through the black soil. 
Over the course of the next 90 minutes
we watched those three nubbins 
turn into stemmed plants with
 leaves unfurled.
By the time we packed up the ladder
four more nubbins had emerged.

155/365 Leonine

Ears alert, watching
Intently through glass, golden
Companion stands guard.

16 June, 2013

154/365 Wonder

Pushing through the rich

Blackness, green sprouts emerge with

Growth measured hourly.

Week One

Week one is in the books!
Can I get a hallelujah!?
Here's what I'm taking away -
besides the sore muscles.
When we started I hoped there would be some moves/exercises
 that I would be able to do.
Not do well - but do. 
And there were.
There are also some that give me trouble.
I expected that, too.

(it may seem like a fine distinction -
"not do well" and "give me trouble"
- but there is a big difference.)
So things didn't get ugly until I ran into one that
I could. not. do.
At all.
That's was when the tears threatened.
Laying on my back I'm thinking
And I held it together.
I also made it my personal challenge
to master that particular exercise
by the end of my ten weeks.
That was day 2.
Afterword one of the coaches
stopped to chat and mentioned that she left
during her second day.  Ran (waddled),
 to her car
and swore she'd never come back.
Someone else added that she'd cried all the way home.
Another one admitted that she couldn't do sit-ups
when she first started
which got a laugh and they all started naming
their particular wash-out exercise.
These were not canned motivation snippets.
They were sincere.
They came from instructors, coaches,
and the person panting next to you. 
Twice during the week it was necessary to attend a different session.
I found the same helpful attitude among
these strangers.
The same variety of ages, shapes and abilities. 
Friday was an all-out kickboxing extravaganza!
We worked.  Hard.  Non-stop.
and it felt like it the next day.  Oy.
Yesterday was a *slower* day. 
A one-time, two hour session to address form
both on the bag and with the bands.
Just newbies.
No less intense.
And tomorrow it starts all over, again.

15 June, 2013

153/365 Remembering When

Yesterday’s voices

Heard anew in memories

Of good times, once shared.

14 June, 2013

152/365 Interlude

Glistening sidewalks

Reflect skulking clouds hostile

With rainy intent.

13 June, 2013

151/365 Soft Breeze

The unexpected

 Touch radiates cool relief

To hot, exposed skin.

12 June, 2013


That seems like a significant number.
Today we have sunshine,
and sore muscles.
So back to the boxing gloves...
The class I'm involved in uses a combination
of kickboxing and
strength training through resistance bands.
They also emphasize healthy nutrition.
Six days a week.
Alternating KB and ST
and rotating upper and lower body workouts for each.
Monday was LB KB.
Tuesday, LB ST.
Today was UB KB
 tomorrow will be UP ST
and Friday should be LB KB again.
I was told the class would include a variety of
shapes and
and that has proven true.
I was also told to expect a
among the participants,
which has also proven true.
This is so far outside any comfort zone
I've ever imagined.
The schedule/accountability
is just what I needed to get out of my slump.
The people are a good influence
in many ways.
I don't quite have the proper technique
for the hook
but I have a killer upper-cut!
More soon.

150/365 Rest

Attention drifts, eyes

Close, thought slows allowing the

Weary to revive.

11 June, 2013

149/365 Intoxicating

Airborne elixir,

The scent of new-mown grass swirls

Through the still evening.

10 June, 2013


We all set a variety of goals
throughout our lifetime.
The inchoate daydreams of youth
give way to five-year plans. 
 We set our sights on desired
and we map out the strategies necessary
to get us from point A
to point B.
Childhood school lessons 
fostered a desire to live in Pennsylvania
and the years we spent there
are among my favorites.
As an young adult I came across
the word "inchoate" for the first time
and I have waited patiently for
the opportunity to use it.
Never, though, never
was there a time when even my wildest 
dreams included these:

google images
Yet, I now have a pair
and they will be a primary accessory
for the next ten weeks.
Check back and learn more...

148/365 Fog

Blankets of deep mist

Dampen even the sounds of

Morning with chill grey.

09 June, 2013

147/365 Try

New ventures offer

Opportunities to test

Accepted limits.

08 June, 2013

Saturday Morning

If you only knew how gloriously this day started.
google images
picture a margarine commercial
because it would require
the combined talents of
Don Draper
and his Madison Avenue cohorts
to script such a perfect day.
Fade in...
birds singing in the background
light filtering through still leaves as a
pale sun climbs the
cloudless blue sky.
Pan to
verdant green expanses awash with
sparkling dew
as an earth-mother-type
tiptoes barefoot through the grass
to pick spinach
from the garden for her morning omelet.
The two hours that this idyll lasted
is the payoff for all the
extreme weather we deal with
in the Midwest.
p.s. the omelet was super, too!

146/365 Saturday Morning

Thick dew sparkles as

The pale morning sun rises

In a calm, blue sky.

07 June, 2013


Early morning mists

Are slowly pushed aside as

Sunlight warms the air.

06 June, 2013

144/365 Lightning Bugs

Bright, strobe-like flashes

Decorate the night hanging

Above the still grass.

05 June, 2013

143/365 Rainy Night

Misty haloes lend

An otherworldly glow to

Commonplace street lights. 

04 June, 2013

Tuesday Morning

Yesterday was a glorious spring day.
Soft cool breezes, warm sunshine,
intoxicating fragrance,
 complemented by a melodious soundtrack.

Today is overcast and rainy.

142/365 Shadow Dance

Dappled shadows, cast

By dancing leaves, play across
The waving green grass

03 June, 2013

141/365 Cotillion

Dancing leaves perform

Graceful lifts and twirls partnered

With Spring’s soft breezes.

02 June, 2013

140/365 Peek-A-Boo

Sunshine plays behind

Shifting clouds casting patchwork

Shadows as it hides.

01 June, 2013

Close Shave

I almost broke the thread of haiku
last night.
Not because I was gone,
or had experienced a breakdown
of technology.
No, I simply lost track of time!
Tim was on a field trip.
He'd taken a couple guys to North Platte
 to see the train yard.
They were delighted.
Said it was everything
 - and more -
they could have expected.
I had to work this morning which
normally sends me to
bed at a very reasonable hour on a Friday night.
I was on the phone with my mother around 8:00.
Finished with her and picked up
the book I've been trying to finish,
intending to read for maybe an hour.
Maybe a little longer...
But the next thing I knew the clock said
My first thought was that the alarm was going
to ring awfully early the next morning.
Then I remembered there had been
no poem posted for the day!!
I put something together - just made it.
The time stamp says 11:56.

139/365 Welcome

The heart stirs as my

Beloved’s well-known voice sounds

Softly in my ear.