03 June, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We arrived in the Cities on Friday afternoon.
Tim studied the tree and devised a plan.
The first supply run was made that night so he
could make an early start
the next morning.
Last year - this same weekend - we helped move
 Naphtali and Aidan into this house.
A tree suitable for a tree fort
was on their list of non-negotiables.

 You're looking at one happy kid!

The injury to my foot kept me off the ladders
and on the periphery for this project.
They worked hard and nearly
non-stop through Saturday and Sunday. 
There was a neighborhood
gathering scheduled for 6ish Sunday night.
The tree fort was complete and
Tim had manned the grill by 5:30!  
Unfortunately there is no photo of the finished project.
Naphtali created a charming focal point
by hanging a few accessories
and arranging a table and chairs under the platform.
I've been told a rope and bucket has been added
to serve as a dumb-waiter.
We'll be returning to build a deck
under the upper-tier,
but Phase 1 is complete.