27 April, 2012

They Are Cute

I found these on Pinterest and decided to give them a try.

12" paper was cut into 1/2" strips then folded according to the directions here.

It makes an easy keeps-your-hands-busy-while-your-mind-is-somewhere-else project.

I'm thinking a  bowl of gold and white would look pretty at Christmas.

Enjoy the weekend.

26 April, 2012


Naphtali used this burlap pouch  as a wrapping for a gift to me several years ago.

It has always been my intention to get some burlap and make a few to have on hand, 
and maybe I will.  Soon.

For now, though, I am recycling.

The pouch (containing her Mother's Day gift) will make the trip 
North with us to visit her and Aidan this weekend.

With any luck, this pouch will make its way back to me someday.  
Responsible recycling ....

18 April, 2012

A Tip of the Hat

How many times have you seen cheerful quips about new beginnings? 

Frankly, they (the cheerful quips) (maybe even the cheerful quippers) annoy me.

How can a beginning be anything but new!?

I am, however, a firm believer in hoping the best for those:

embarking on a new adventure

 setting a new course

blazing a new trail

building a new life

 taking their mulligan

making the most of a fresh start. 

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