31 December, 2013

351/365 Last Sunset - 2013

Pink cotton candy

Wisps surround the setting sun
As the cold day ends.

30 December, 2013

350/365 Insurance

How can a price be

Assigned to value a life

Of interactions?

Monday Evening

It was snowing
- unexpectedly -
this morning as I got ready to
 leave for the gym.
It snowed most of the day.
I ran errands in the snow.
Found some bargains
shoveled the driveway
checked the mail
brought in garbage cans
made granola
did laundry
brought in firewood
created new Pinterest boards
put away the Christmas dishes
surfed for beret patterns
shuffled stuff for the new shelves
and a surprising number of
other things
while it snowed.

29 December, 2013

349/365 This Morning at Saylorville

Tire tracks crisscross the

Frozen lake as howling winds

Redistribute snow.

28 December, 2013

348/365 Hope

At bay we draw our

Truest breath, the touchstone of

Our humanity.

and so it goes...

This was the view on December 5:

Decorating for Christmas had begun. 
Tim decided it was time to tackle a project
that we had been discussing all summer.
I told him he could have 2 weeks.
If it couldn't be finished in
2 weeks - don't start.
He started.
 December 12
 December 16
December 19

December 21
December 22

27 December, 2013

347/365 Changes

Adventure or black

Hole new facets of life come

As they will to all.

26 December, 2013

346/365 Grace

Let’s acknowledge that

To “meet in the middle” both

Poise and pride must bow.

25 December, 2013

345/365 December Dusk

Countryside trees stand

In crisp relief against the

Dark’ning western sky.

24 December, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Mailbox disaster.

Laughter.  Carols.  Long, slow train.

Snow.  And dear children.

23 December, 2013

343/365 Dog Tired

Poor Charlie, grabbing

Sleep as best he can, between

Holiday visits.

22 December, 2013

342/365 Bittersweet Gatherings

Loved ones far away

Claim a share of the day’s joys

As we celebrate.

21 December, 2013

341/365 Holiday Delights

Treasured faces, found

Once more round my table make

The heart sing with thanks.

20 December, 2013

340/365 Overload

The mind spins as you

Try in vain to subdue wild

Bursts of frenzied thought.

19 December, 2013

339/365 Package for Logan

Hats, mittens, booties;

Small somethings for a small boy

Fighting a big fight.

18 December, 2013

338/365 On Alert

Ears forward, body

Poised, ready to act, bold Charles

Sits at the window.

17 December, 2013

337/365 Overhead

Bellies white against

The pale evening sky, three geese

Streak toward shelter.

16 December, 2013

336/365 Foggy Night

A ghostly gauze hangs

Across the moon, tattered and

Drifting aimlessly.

15 December, 2013

For Valerie...

...because she asked so nicely
and because it's too early to go to bed.

Tunic length sweater, knit pants worn tucked
 into boots and my blazer.
Unless I can work some real magic on that
blazer this winter will be its last.
I can now wear it (buttoned) with both a long sleeve shirt
and my fisherman sweater.
 This is one of the cashmere cardigans we bought during
that long-ago shopping spree.
It is one of my few "old" pieces that still fit
and I love wearing it with this
striped shirt.
Here it is with skirt, tights, boots and pearls
and here with grey jeans, and different shoes and necklace.

These trousers have been versatile
 as the grey jeans are proving themselves to be.

I do love a flannel shirt
and this one is tunic length so it
presents less casual than most.

This worked well before the cold settled in
but we're forecast to hit near 40 this week
so it may make another appearance.
And the red coat continues to delight.
I haven't made straight-line progress
with Christmas shopping
because I keep finding things for myself.
This week  (THIS week)
I came home with new
(well, some of this was thrifted)
yoga pants
a plaid skirt
2 tops
1 sweater
and a wonderful pair of
berry/burgundy jeans.
Oh - and a new pair of
"alligator" booties.
They look so good with the new jeans.
Can you tell I love those jeans!?
I'll include a picture of them soon.
I'm still experimenting to find a reliable way to
take these pictures.  Often it
just doesn't occur to me
until the clothes are in a pile at the end of the day.
I have a haircut scheduled for Tuesday. 
It is truly amazing to see
how much my hair grows in six weeks.
My to-do list is pretty reasonable
for the week before Christmas.
The gym every morning.
Some last minute shopping tomorrow.
Hair on Tuesday.
Baking and cleaning as it fits
 throughout the week.
Charlie has a bath scheduled on Friday
so any last last minute
shopping can happen then, too.
Jacob flies into Minneapolis on Friday night
then he, Naphtali and Aidan will
come down Saturday.
The Jordisons descend on Sunday.
Fort Dodge on Tuesday.
Kids leave Wednesday.
Naps and sanity resume Thursday.
How is your week shaping up?

335/365 Reflection

The mind casts back o’er

Days and feats well-past then scans

Forward with wisdom.

14 December, 2013

334/365 Nocturne

A long day’s end draws

Within reach its hectic pace
Replaced by repose

13 December, 2013

333/365 Flight

Startled pigeons lift

Off turning to quicksilver

In the morning sun.

12 December, 2013

332/365 Review

Good, bad, in-between;

Memories chronicle our

Defining moments.

11 December, 2013

331/365 Wednesday's Readers

Shedding mittens and
Coats, they linger, choosing books
In warm denial.

10 December, 2013

330/365 As Time Goes By

Rick and Ilsa’s tale

Resounds with timeless truths: love

And humanity.

09 December, 2013

329/365 Undaunted

Single digit temps

Proved insufficient to stop

Intrepid shoppers.

08 December, 2013

328/365 Gentle Snowfall

Soft flakes drift earthward

Creating a lustrous glow

Everywhere you look.

It's Beginning to look a Lot Like Christmas






07 December, 2013

327/365 Christmas Lights

Twinkling lights conjure

The ghost of Christmas past and

Mem’ries bittersweet.

06 December, 2013

326/365 Flight Interrupted

Poised, with eyes bright and

Ears erect, the fox waits to

Spring into the lane.

05 December, 2013

325/365 Contentment

Cozy day at home

Spent with busy hands and warm

Thoughts of cherished friends.

04 December, 2013

324/365 Wintery Bluster

Chill December winds

Howl past my windows making

Even warm bones ache.

03 December, 2013

323/365 Carols

Familiar comfort

Set to catchy tunes prompts us

To smile with strangers.

02 December, 2013

322/365 Migration

Undulating vees

Stretch southward across the sky

As days grow shorter.

01 December, 2013

321/365 The Lake this December Morning

Winding lines mark loose

Edges as encroaching ice

Meets open water.