16 December, 2011

Valerie's post reminded me of a story I've not yet told.

Not too long ago someone asked how the move went - nothing lost or broken etc.
And I was thrilled to report it had gone well - everything was accounted for.

Then it came time for Christmas decorations.
Every year
I look forward to decorating for Christmas,  this isn't the story but stay with me,
Every year,
even though I enjoy decorating for Christmas, my decorations get simpler.
 hopefully Taste plays a part but I'll admit that it's mostly because I hate un-decorating.

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Okay this is the story
Around Thanksgiving, as I was planning and unpacking the totes that contain my Christmas stuff,
 I realized the mercury glass ornaments were gone.

Thinking back I could pinpoint exactly what happened.

During the un-decorating phase of last Christmas these ornaments
were tucked for convenience sake (because I hate to un-decorate)
 - along with a vignette of white decorations- into a box labeled "whites" which was
then placed in a large tote containing Christmas stuff.

At some point, as I was packing up the house, I went through all the totes and knowing the new house was smaller made several executive decisions - disposing of this, keeping that...

I remember
 holding the box labeled "whites."

I didn't remember
that I had added those ornaments to that box.

I remember
I didn't even open the box -
it simply joined the pile for donation to the Senior Center.  



Since then two other things have been identified as "not-found-yet."
I know they made the trip with us so it's just a matter of finding where they were stashed.
I'm holding out hope that their status will change...

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Valerie said...

So sorry the mercury glass ornaments are gone. Let's hope someone appreciated the donation!