18 September, 2012

Tuesday started with a trip to Ecola State Park - near Cannon Beach.
We climbed across a trail which cut through the traditional Northwest Pacific forest 
that I had been expecting  all of Oregon to look like.

At one point the trail moved to the front of the bluff and gave us
 this glimpse of the beaches ahead. 
Crescent Beach - which is below us and to the right 
is where we landed.
Cannon Beach is forward - you can see Haystack Rock toward the top of the picture.  
The tide surges between the rock in the center and the cliff face making it impossible
 to walk to Cannon Beach at certain times from this side.

We clamored around rocks in a fairly protected area -
There was a haze over the mountains in the distance adding to the beauty of the morning.
Along one rock face there was a tunnel allowing access to a section of beach that would otherwise be cut off by the tide.  We were there just as the tides were changing and with a bit of artful dodging we were able to make our way through the tunnel to another area.
These next two pictures were taken as I stood just inside the tunnel. 

The dogs - Charlie and Esteban -  had a lot of fun.  
We found sand dollars but very few rocks or shells apart from a few stray piles 
of oyster shells alongside several fire pits along the beach.