15 December, 2013

For Valerie...

...because she asked so nicely
and because it's too early to go to bed.

Tunic length sweater, knit pants worn tucked
 into boots and my blazer.
Unless I can work some real magic on that
blazer this winter will be its last.
I can now wear it (buttoned) with both a long sleeve shirt
and my fisherman sweater.
 This is one of the cashmere cardigans we bought during
that long-ago shopping spree.
It is one of my few "old" pieces that still fit
and I love wearing it with this
striped shirt.
Here it is with skirt, tights, boots and pearls
and here with grey jeans, and different shoes and necklace.

These trousers have been versatile
 as the grey jeans are proving themselves to be.

I do love a flannel shirt
and this one is tunic length so it
presents less casual than most.

This worked well before the cold settled in
but we're forecast to hit near 40 this week
so it may make another appearance.
And the red coat continues to delight.
I haven't made straight-line progress
with Christmas shopping
because I keep finding things for myself.
This week  (THIS week)
I came home with new
(well, some of this was thrifted)
yoga pants
a plaid skirt
2 tops
1 sweater
and a wonderful pair of
berry/burgundy jeans.
Oh - and a new pair of
"alligator" booties.
They look so good with the new jeans.
Can you tell I love those jeans!?
I'll include a picture of them soon.
I'm still experimenting to find a reliable way to
take these pictures.  Often it
just doesn't occur to me
until the clothes are in a pile at the end of the day.
I have a haircut scheduled for Tuesday. 
It is truly amazing to see
how much my hair grows in six weeks.
My to-do list is pretty reasonable
for the week before Christmas.
The gym every morning.
Some last minute shopping tomorrow.
Hair on Tuesday.
Baking and cleaning as it fits
 throughout the week.
Charlie has a bath scheduled on Friday
so any last last minute
shopping can happen then, too.
Jacob flies into Minneapolis on Friday night
then he, Naphtali and Aidan will
come down Saturday.
The Jordisons descend on Sunday.
Fort Dodge on Tuesday.
Kids leave Wednesday.
Naps and sanity resume Thursday.
How is your week shaping up?


Valerie said...

Wow..how fun to read this first thing in the morning. It looks like you are meeting your goals if dressing comfortably yet classically and creatively. I love the color combinations and fabrics. I also love the priority of your things tto do list with the gym listed first every day. Gosh, how long has it been since the five of you have been together for a holiday? Sounds lovely...

Valerie said...

You have been spammed!

ilona said...

2010 - by all accounts - is the last time we were all under one roof. It should be good. I'm thinking Naphtali and I should sneak out for a manicure on Monday...

materfamilias said...

Some lovely combinations here . . . and I'm also impressed at how centrally the gym figures in your schedule. Sounds as if you have some precious family time coming up -- enjoy!