21 August, 2011

What we ate

Friday night found Tim and I at Waterfront Seafood Market, which, according to their website has been voted the "metro's best seafood 20 years running."  I'm not sure how that vote is tallied but judging from the average age of the crowd that night, they seem to have a very loyal, longstanding clientele.  We will not be counted among them.  The food was fine - but I want exceptional and this simply wasn't.  The wait reasonable - 20 minutes when we signed in.  As we were seated I overheard the hostess telling a new diner that the wait was 30 minutes.

Sunday afternoon we were running errands - Home Depot etc - when we stopped for a 
quick lunch at Jason's deli.  I had this: 
Spinach Veggie Wrap
Organic wheat wrap with mushrooms,
organic spinach, asiago, sprouts,
guacamole, pico de gallo.
Blue corn chips and salsa as my side. 
 It was tasty and filling.  The crowd was mixed and seemed very happy.
They offer free ice cream but we passed.  This time....


Valerie said...

Is the fish place in a little mall near Valley West on University? What was my first clue? The reference to the average age of the customer....not a good place. You are right...you won't be back.

ilona said...

Clever the way you figured that out. I'm still surprised by how many places are right there on that bit of University - 10 minutes from my house!