02 January, 2012

How did this happen!?

I worked Friday afternoon and over the course of several hours had to write the date 
which made me stumble - you see, I never quite got used to writing 12/xx/11.  

And now it's 01/02/12 - how did that happen!?

You hear it from everyone - that time goes by faster every year - I certainly have to agree.

Saturday we, the three of us, went for a hike at Dolliver Park.  Roughly 6 miles.
 I haven't been there for years.  We all had a great time.

Although at a different time of year those could be my feet this is a google image

We just Tim and I also went out for dinner.  An impromptu stop at Sam and Gabe's.  
It was delicious.  I would go back just for the appetizer and fire roasted tomato basil soup.

Yesterday's planned session of undecorating was derailed by a expedition to find materials to reno Tim's bathroom.  Flooring, paint, toilet, countertop - we came home with a piece of underlayment and a faucet.

Today Tim is marking another birthday.

The gym is waiting for me.  And the undecorating, some laundry, baking, and wrapping presents.  

Did I hear you ask if I have any New Years plans/resolutions?
Of Course - don't we all!?  
Mine I really only have one resolve this year can fall into 2 general categories: 
 Health for the mature, reasonable adult that I have become 
and Vanity well, just because.


Valerie said...

You will have to re-acquaint yourselves with the Ledges, too. I am with you on health and vanity!

On Second Street said...

ooooh,cant wait to hear about the bathroom. and also you eed ot show off what you did with yours!