18 January, 2012


I have a less-than-roaring but more-than-satisfactory fire to keep me company.
It's cold.  I've finally worn my new down coat*  - several times in the past week.

We had snow yesterday, so I shoveled.
After work I sat up to watch the new episode of Justified making it a long Tuesday 
so I'm having trouble getting a brisk start to my Wednesday.

Good time to blog.

This, as you can see, is the main entrance to the public library at Clive.

I will be doing my 40 hour practicum with the fine folks who work here.

I was here for several hours Monday morning. 
 I have a name tag (magnetic!  just like theirs!) and a mailbox!
Friday night they are hosting an event for ESL students and their families to introduce them to the library.
A meal, presentations, tours, a library card and other goodies. 
They expect 30 families.  It's an ambitious plan.
I'll be there to help.

*Aside: it occurs to me that I haven't told the story of my coat.  Sometime in early November Younkers had all their coats at 50%.  The coat I've been wearing was fine for the short, occasional visits of the past but I knew it couldn't keep pace with the long siege of an Iowa winter.  It seemed that a good down coat would do the job so I went to to see what they had.  Tried on more than a few. Some just for fun. 
 I chose a black, knee length Calvin Klein.  
Even at 50% the price made me swallow hard.
While paying for it I told the clerk that with this purchase I had just guaranteed the warmest winter on record.
She laughed and said that I'd have *plenty* of opportunity to get my money's worth...
Here we are half way through January and its finally had its first outing.  Next week in Minneapolis...

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Valerie said...

We want photos of your coat. Sounds like a classic choice. How fun that you can do your practicum at a different library and one that is going out of its way to attract new patrons. I will be anxious to hear how the open house turns out. What is your class schedule?