03 October, 2012

Color my world

I was on the road yesterday between Fort Dodge and Grimes.
The sky was blue and the fall colors were incredible.
Screaming reds.
Vibrant oranges.
Pulsating burgundies.
Flaming yellows.

At one point I caught sight of the traditional calendar shot
of a country church on a hilltop
surrounded by a wondrous array of color.

Unfortunately, this photo courtesy of google images only begins to 
capture the familiar scene.
It was the iconic image that we all recognize
or have our own variation tucked away ready to be conjured by 
the nostalgic magic of a classic fall day.

Our neighborhood is also arrayed in it's finest fall collection.
Bronze, purple, and gold intermingled in stunning 
                                           combinations as the trees morph from one color to the next.

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