23 October, 2012

Tuesday morning

It's too wet to rake leaves so I've been in the kitchen:

whole wheat pasta with artichokes, mushrooms and spinach in a light alfredo sauce
pumpkin muffins from a pinterest recipe

So very tasty!!

I've also tried something with the fireplace.

The colors on the following picture are skewed on purpose - trying 
to get more definition for the masking tape on the walls.
It's been terribly humid these last few days 
and the masking tape does not want to adhere.  It is
falling even as I write...
probably not the best conditions to try this.
Oops - one side is down.

The picture is so poor but there are boxes taped off on the walls
representing the placement of narrow trim painted in a contrasting
color  - in this case about 6 inches from the ceiling and side walls.
If you click to enlarge it the tape is much easier to see.

This was one of my inspiration photos:

I'm on the look-out for a set - yes, a matched set, of sconces to place in the boxes.
About 15-18 inches tall.  The cabinets can be painted. Or not.

That this will be a very traditional look surprised me but 
hey - it's calling my name.
And while it may be more traditional than expected our own 
touches will keep it on the casual side.

Would you believe I chipped the polish on one nail messing with the masking tape!?
I work after while so I will need to do a quick repair job.