03 October, 2014

Trial Run

This is the 22 inch suitcase I purchased for the trip to Paris
in December.
Tomorrow we leave for a week's travel
to the East coast, which is always a favorite
I'm using this outing as a trial run
for the December trip.
My travel guru strongly urged using
only a carry-on bag
which will be a new experience for me.
So.  In this bag - this very small bag - I have
4 sleeveless/short sleeve layering pieces:
4 long sleeve tees:
3 V-neck cashmere sweaters:
3 button-front shirts:
gray/teal plaid
gray paisley(tunic length)
2 pants:
white cords
1 navy skirt and tights
1 charcoal wool blazer
yoga pants. cami and oversize tee
undies and socks for a week
1 pair of shoes
1 pair of slippers
3 scarves
cosmetic bag
my kindle
assorted charging cords.
My tote bag holds:
 a small crossbody purse
several books
aspirin and other necessities
My watch,
pearl studs and
simple hoops are it for jewelry.
Tomorrow I'll wear:
 tall boots (tan)
navy pants
ivory vest
the 4th scarf
and a long sleeve tee.
(which I'll leave at Naphtali's and reclaim on our return)
There is also a weather-proof jacket
which will be thrown into the back of the car.
Naphtali and Aidan have offered/agreed
to keep Charlie for us while we're gone.
This is a chance for them to see how a dog would fit into
 the new school routines and
we're glad to leave him with family.
So our trip starts with an overnight in
Minneapolis, which is
always a treat.
It all works on paper so we'll see...
I went in today for a manicure
- I love the shellac -
so my nails will be lovely
- and indestructible -
for the duration.
The forecast for next week indicates mid to upper 60s
with the possibility of a 70 thrown into the mix.
Everything is set for a great time!


materfamilias said...

That's a good way to try out your carry-on wardrobe ahead of time. I've done lots of trips with carry-on only, Paris included, and I do think you'll enjoy how easy it is to get around. You're already demonstrating how much you can fit into that case!

ilona said...

Thanks, Mater. It was surprising to see everything disappear into the depths. It was a rather daunting idea at first, but I've read so many helpful posts on using the carry-on that it has become an interesting challenge rather than an impossible concession.

materfamilias said...

I hope you'll find some time to report on your trip AND on how you'll find the carry-on challenge. On our budget, we're often in small hotel rooms where the smaller suitcase is a blessing, to say nothing of hefting them up onto train luggage storage, or shifting them onto our knees on a really crowded Metro. . .

Valerie said...

Oh my gosh....how fun! Your packing list represents the hard work and planning that results in a well-thought out wardrobe. And to think it all fits in a carry-on. Did you use any packing cubes? You could actually travel for months with these clothes and never repeat an outfit. Well, almnost three months. I came up with 85 outfits and that doesn't include changing out the scarves. Congratulations. Have a wonderful trip. I, too, will be waiting for the wardrobe report.