21 October, 2014

Packing Report

This was the original packing list from our recent trip. 
I've crossed out the items I didn't use.
4 sleeveless/short sleeve layering pieces:
4 long sleeve tees:
3 V-neck cashmere sweaters:
3 button-front shirts:
gray/teal plaid
gray paisley(tunic length)
2 pants:
white cords
1 navy skirt and tights
1 charcoal wool blazer
With temperatures unexpectedly warm
- upper 60s and 70s -
layers weren't necessary.  I never wore the blazer.
We didn't do any "fine" dining, so the skirt
remained in the suitcase.
It's reasonable to assume that many pieces
can be eliminated, because
in Paris I will have access to laundry,
but, December weather should call
 for some layering pieces, so
I'll be looking for that happy medium
to allow more room for
These items worked for me.
The color combinations were easy and
flexible.  I felt well-dressed and appropriate
in my choices.  The white cords were
fun to wear, though I don't see them
making the trip to Paris.  My boots
proved to be very comfortable.  I had casual shoes
in the bag, which I did wear, and need
to decide which pair of
shoes will accompany my boots
across the pond.
Overall it was a relief to see how versatile
the carry-on bag can be. 
It eliminates a certain amount of "stress"
to know that I can do this,
though it's not a convenient system if there are several
overnight stops involved. 
Everything had to be loaded and layered
rather precisely in the bag
(it was full)
which made for less-than-fun repacking
every morning. 
I'm looking forward to having a destination
allowing me to unpack once.


materfamilias said...

Yay! Now you know it's going to work! I agree with you that the small case, having to be so tight, can be a pain to unpack if there are quite a few stops. I always have some dread/anxiety about getting everything back in. I'm thinking that I should pick up the modular packing cubes (Eagle Creek makes good ones, I think), so that units of stuff could be moved around to get out individual items without disrupting too much. When do you leave? You must be getting excited! Oh, and your grandson is so cute!

Valerie said...

Thanks for posting this. I was looking forward to your report. I completely agree with you about the joy of staying in one place, unpacking only once. Depending on your coat, layering in Paria needs some thought, too. The problem in Paris (or any city)is being in buildings and the metro which can be hot and then heading outside again. A blouse/shirt,t-shirt or thermal tee as your first layer plus a sweater are usually enough. Tights or silk long johns under pants are also sufficient. Don't relagate your skirt to only "dressy" events. I love to alternate between a skirt and pants for normal daily activities when traveling.

ilona said...

Thanks, to both of you for the feedback.

Mater, we leave Dec. 5 and I'm entering that countdown phase
where details percolate and anticipation intensifies!!