27 November, 2014

Faux Snow Bunny

I like Thanksgiving.
Like so many
I have much in my life that
prompts a spirit of thankfulness.
Thanksgiving evokes tradition and
a nostalgia unmatched by other holidays
even though it seems to be increasingly overlooked
in our accelerated commercial
holiday season.
Regardless of personal preferences
and health-driven choices
we many of us I tend to revert to certain traditional
patterns and indulgences.
Or maybe I'm just weak-willed and
susceptible to peer pressure...
Today's outfit was pulled together to
match the retro vibe of the day.
With my "stretch" pants
tucked into snow boots, turtleneck, chunky cable sweater
headband and sunglasses
I felt like I had just stepped off a
vintage travel poster.
Over the river and through the
woods, indeed.
Hope you enjoyed your day.

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