30 December, 2014

Evocative echoes

I loved my trip to Paris.
It was a sensory-intensive experience
from beginning to end.
We had many drizzly, but mild, days of
walking to and fro
about the city, absorbing the nuances of its 
quotidian rhythms.
(I wish I'd snapped a shot of the le Pain Quotidian)
My clothing selection was
- which is all I had asked of it -
in light of the laundry
facilities in our
charming apartment.
So, what did I hear?
I was awakened several mornings by the
sound of the rasping broom of a
street sweeper below our windows.
This pianist livened the street corner
at a flea market on a dreary day.
 (We kept hoping the ladies would break into song.)
Rain on my umbrella.
Church bells.
The organ at Notre Dame.
A boy's choir performing the Hallelujah Chorus.
A piano recital in a nearby church.
The melody of conversation.
The whine of approaching motorcycles.
Car horns.
An accordionist on the metro.
Street musicians doing their best with the Beatles.
Laughing children.
The click of heels on cobblestone.
Late-night revelers.
The hushed reverence of memorial places. 


Valerie said...

You brought it all back. Nice post...thanks.

materfamilias said...

Lovely! What a great way to recall a trip to Paris. Sound is so evocative, yet also so often loses place to the visual. But each of these aural images really brought me back to those streets -- thank you!