20 January, 2015


I loved today's post by Duchess.
Her sassy asides have always been a delight
but today's remark that she'll take her
jewel tones as jewels
made me smile.
I envied her quick transition.
If there had been a pneumatic chair
with scissor-wielding stylist at hand
I'd have sat down and told her to
lop it all off!
It's easily been seven years since I made
my first dramatically short cut
to make room for my grey.
I'm still waiting.
My hair was blond - very blond - and has
gradually darkened to
a color that I find almost impossible
to describe.
Think "mousy" with an
extra dose of "meh."
For years - years - there have
been lovely white streaks running
from root to tip
interspersed throughout my mane.
They refuse to merge.
There have been short haircuts several times
since the first was made oh, so many years ago. 
Hasn't helped.
It seems small comfort that, thus far,
 I've avoided the dreaded
skunk stripe roots when the
longed-for transition never happens.
The idea that Duchess made her decision and
started the process in August
- less than six months -
makes me crazy with envy.
My regular hair appointment is on the
calendar for next week.
I've had time to calm down.  
There will be no lopping.
This time.

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