01 January, 2015

Fragrant reminders

The official start of each day was marked with
 the invigorating burst of citrus
as the first mandarin
was peeled. 
(We consumed soooo many of these little gems.)
In the way that warm and cold currents run through
a body of water
the aromas of Paris washed over us in turn.
Baking bread? Check.
Melted butter?  Bien sur.
The sleepy scent of chocolate?  Mmmmm.
Falafel?  Just around the corner. 
Fresh cut trees.
Roasting chestnuts.

Flower markets.
Fish markets.
The occasional cigar or pipe.
Today's special.
Lavender sachets.
Soaps, lotions,
and perfumes.
She chose SacreBleu.

1 comment:

materfamilias said...

A feast! You've really captured Paris, with all your senses, post by post. This is great.