29 July, 2011


With apologies to MM Lerner and Loewe I'd like to rephrase Professor Higgins' lament: 
Why can't a woman's shaver be more like a man's!?

 I will gladly give the industry credit for getting the handles right but it's not cutsie names and girly colors that will secure my consumer loyalty.  I simply want a shaver that will reliably produce a close shave.  Maybe even a week's worth - like Tim's do. One of his week-old units can out perform some of mine right out of the package!  In the grand scheme of things this is obviously a small matter, but with summer grooming in full swing and with little else to occupy my thoughts it has taken on unreasonable proportions...


Valerie said...

I laughed. Why not just use the same brand as Tim?

How was your first night on the job?

ilona said...

I do use Tim's brand but of course I hit a sale, had coupons, stocked up and am now working my way (rather quickly) through the last of my girly shavers.

bethany said...

Oh, I so, so agree!! I'd never realized how fabulously a men's razor works until I found myself in a pinch ion vacation....and had to use Gabe's razor! (thankfully he had extra blades, so I didn't have to stress about that!) anyway, I quickly began to wonder why they can't bundle the functionality of a men's razor, and the sweetness of a lady razor. Why is that so hard?

Thanks for verbalizing my thoughts...I thought perhaps I was alone on this one!!