22 July, 2011

Women who Walk

While in Grimes last week, Charlie and I managed to walk almost every day.

For some reason the WwW, in Grimes, don't wear sunglasses.

I love a good pair of sunglasses and am rarely outside without them.
Big ones not only block the sun, safeguarding my vision, but prevent the drying effects of sun and wind from damaging the tender skin around my eyes.
Actually, I've seen very few sunglasses around town - on walkers or anyone else.

However, for those same WwW, running shorts are de rigueur.  
  I'm a capri gal - having established an exercise wardrobe that consists of gray Danskin capris and white v-neck tees.


Valerie said...

Congratulations! Thoughtful ideas to go along with your thoughtful new life.

Valerie said...

And congratulations on getting the link set up to French Word of the Day!

Barb said...

I look forward to your move! Check out the blog, "Iowa girl eats.". You will like it.

ilona said...

I wanted the actual gadget for W-A-D, but settled for the link. It's a little more work but worth the time.

Iowa Girl's sangria recipe sounds great - we'll have to share a pitcher one of these days.