06 June, 2012

It Happened One Night

...Sunday night to be exact.

Sunday morning when I walked the dogs this was an empty city park.

Monday morning as we passed the corner had been taken over by flatbeds and travel trailers.
Each day there has been more activity as spots are paced off and equipment tested, 
leading up to the Thursday evening opening of Governor's Days here in Grimes.

Special events Thursday through Sunday.
Of course, there will be a parade Saturday morning.
Several enthusiastic library employees will be along for the ride on a float.
I will be in the crowd with Naphtali and Aidan.
(Aidan misses Proton so much they're making an emergency visit.)
Tim is going to be in the parade for Kennybrook but the details are rather fuzzy...

For $5 you can enter a cake you've decorated for judging - and then watch as the entries 
are auctioned to raise money for the library building fund. 


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Valerie said...

I think you should ride on the float!