28 May, 2012

Productivity x Two

Two weeks ago we returned from moving Naphtali done the street.
 Take my word: it's been busy here though you wouldn't know it from this picture.

Have I mentioned that we brought Proton home with us?
He's ours until the beginning of July.
This morning it felt like the chariot race from Ben Hur as I walked the dogs.

Tim's bathroom has been disassembled.
The carpet has been removed from the stairs.

I helped Tim build these garden beds, which he then planted.  
We were able to use compost from my own compost bin!

I bought and assembled this arbor thingy.  Planted a wisteria alongside.  I've also added
a hydrangea to the front of the house.

The planners/owners in this neighborhood love the narrow, L-shaped beds around the house - they are everywhere!  To me they just mean tight right angles for mowing.  
This was a problem area where grass wouldn't grow and mowing was awkward so it's 
been remedied with a new outline and mulch.  Much better! 

Summer school has begun.  The instructor for my latest (and last!) 
class is pushing a pretty tight schedule.

Oh, yes, as of yesterday the hammock has been hung.


Valerie said...

You have been busy!

On Second Street said...

love the garden beds!!!!!