04 November, 2012


I will admit that the processes of Christmas 
are beginning to have their way with me.

Understandable if there are projects requiring preparation,
like this one for Aidan,

 which has to be ready to go at Thanksgiving.
Or a quilt waiting for my attention.

I will admit to trolling through the aisles at Hobby Lobby 
humming snippets of Christmas carols, 
making plans,
 trying to remember what I already have in storage.

I haven't done any real shopping yet - other than the few things I need for Aidan's 
countdown packages.  
Oh and, I have ordered a couple things for him from Amazon.

 Well, now that I'm thinking about it there is a package of ornaments in the closet
and I did pick up another small tree.
And something for my mother - 
but I'll probably give that to her before Christmas so it doesn't really count...

But - just look what called my name at World Market the other day:

 for the spare bedroom.  
They'll be adorable on the wall
above the bed and it's going to require
all my self control not to decorate that room tomorrow.

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