21 November, 2012

Giving thanks

Another *first* for me today.  
Even though a spring form pan could be found in my cupboard for years
today is the first time it has seen any action.

Thanksgiving will be spent with my mother and sister.
Green bean casserole - french cut is my preference - and a
pumpkin cheesecake 
will make the drive with me.

Today's soundtrack featured a young Jacob questioning the 
wisdom of trying a recipe for the first time on company.

In general he had/has a point but
how many pumpkin cheesecakes can 
the average among us try before the big day?

Tomorrow's plan includes a sleepover to allow for
and tackling outdoor Christmas decorations on Friday.
No shopping.

Tim will be joining his family at his mother's.
Naphtali has plans that will keep her close to home.
Not sure what Jacob has going...
Aidan is spending the weekend with his dad.

Even though the list reads like a fractured fairytale
there is much for which to be thankful.

We all still speak to each other.

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