04 December, 2012

a breather...

A quick trip to visit Naphtali and Aidan over the weekend
brought the expected pleasures of their company
as well as a couple unexpected projects 
generated by a stop at Unique Thrift.

Charlie's bed has a new cover.
A new tablecloth.
Several new chain loop scarves.

And there is a faux fur throw in the works for me.

My biggest problem recently has simply been that I don't stay home 
on days when I could be home attacking my list.
'Tis also the season for errands and shopping and appointments
while at home:

There are presents waiting to be finished.
Some are waiting to be started.
Packages to wrap.
Cleaning for company.

Tim ran the errand that was scheduled for today which
meant that a couple things - like stopping for 
Charlie's new tags - can be moved to
tomorrow when I have an appointment and will
already be out and on the run.

So today I've been able to get some wrapping done.
New bird feeders have been made and are
setting up in the fridge.
This was a pinterest idea which I've modified slightly.
Turns out my birds prefer their food to be
somewhat stationary.
So rather than thread and hang - as in the pin that caught my attention -
I make a hole to slip over a short twig on
a branch.  The birds can then stand on the branch to eat.
(Using a thin branch will keep the squirrels at bay.)

As you can see below

I cut the top from several plastic cups and packed in the seed mixture 
rather than using the cute cookie cutters featured in the pin as I found it.
It's serviceable.
I've since seen a pin with a large seed wreath that looks 
like it was made in a jello mold.
I'll probably try making a batch to fit a 
square grid suet feeder.

And if I get moving again now I can check off a few more 
items on my list before I go to work.

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