04 January, 2013

January- again!?

As I sat down the other night it hit me - the holidays are finished. 
No crochet hooks, knitting needles or yarn in hand.
Lists have been completed and tossed.
We neither have, nor are, company. 
The suitcases are empty and back in storage.
Time belongs to us once again.
So, of course, I immediately began
planning new projects. 
 Making a list or two.
Scheduling a trip.
Even if we avoid the pull of "resolutions"
it is all but impossible to forego
the opportunities for reflection that come with a new year.
Health?  Check.
Family?  Check.
Travel plans?  Check.
Creative license?  Check.
Changes?  Opportunities? Commitments?
Check, check and check.
My daughter left for Haiti this morning - a medical mission.
When she returns house hunting begins.
She and Aidan hope to be in their own place by May.
It has been a tough year for them.
We've helped as we could but it's not our life.
The hard blows and tough decisions have been hers.
We watch, wait, take our cues and do our best
but she handles it.
We're proud and amazed by her clear-headed strength.
My son is busy with studies again this year.
He'll be back in the garden as soon as possible.
It sounds like chickens are part of the plan for this spring.
A wedding is also on the calendar.
At times the west coast seems another world
and we feel the separation keenly.
Weekly phone calls are part of his routine and we
treasure each one.
We're proud of the direction he's taking.
My mother turns eighty next week.
She works - too many hours - because
she likes having money.
It makes me laugh to hear her say that.
She has an Alaskan cruise scheduled this spring.
Everything will be interesting to her
and she'll come home full of stories to share.
She'll probably ask to steer the ship!
I obviously come from hardy stock and
 am pleased to see the next generation holding their own.  
My own plans for the year ahead are somewhat vague.
My primary role for many years
was accommodation and orchestration.
And I'm good at that but feel the need for a bigger plan.
So we'll see what the next few weeks bring.
Resolutions? Probably not.
Resolve? Sounds good. 


On Second Street said...

That was so lovely mom. Thank you for setting such a good example.

Valerie said...

Thoughtful and thought-provoking. Thanks. Happy 2013.