25 February, 2013


It was a good weekend for our seemingly
never-ending list of projects.
Can't wait to show you the finished kitchen
and you should see what Tim started yesterday!!
Part of the problem - for me- are
those things which come up that aren't even on the list.
My serger - out for repairs since early January -
 finally came back on Friday.

 I suddenly realized just how many
piles had taken root in my sewing room.
I would need to clean before it could even go back in its spot!!
 I cleaned that room yesterday.
Made a curtain for the kitchen, too.
Did some other sewing that had been
waiting for the serger's return.
Felt good.
There were also plans to frame a couple trail maps
for Tim's office area which lead to a hunt
for spare picture frames
which lead to
the one box that was never unpacked after our move.
google images
I unpacked it yesterday.
The box was labeled "music boxes."
I had a vague idea of what else might be in there
but wasn't prepared to find:
Mercury glass Christmas ornaments!
I thought they'd been left in Nebraska!!
A piece of McCoy!
I'd forgotten it existed!!
A handful of wonderful surprises!!
Several items that have gone directly
to the yard sale box.
 Done without them for over a year!!

How fun!!  I'm looking forward to finding
just the right spots for all these
unexpected treasures!!

I'll add it to my list of projects...


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On Second Street said...

Ah. The elusive mercury glas......