11 February, 2013

Snow delay

I should be writing this from home -
 actually I should be home doing my nails
but the weather intervened and I
won't leave until tomorrow morning.
The snow was wet and heavy - 
really rather lovely.
Aidan and I shoveled the driveway and spent the day
doing a puzzle and playing Dread Pirates.
The dogs slept nicely underfoot until
 someone had the misfortune to
clink their spoon
rustle a paper
say "okay" or
"good boy"
"let's go"
ensuing chaos
would set us both to
laughing.  Then we'd spend the
next ten minutes getting everyone settled again.
I love listening to Aidan spell words so the dogs won't catch on!
It was a happy day.
 Tomorrow Charlie and I will head home.
Also a happy day.

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