18 February, 2014

In Season

The air has been filled with the
long, shifting V-s of
returning geese.
Their honking
alerts the casual
witness to this seasonal
trek pulling the eye to the horizon
where they hover en masse
looking for a place to rest.
We've also seen a flock of mallard ducks
and deluded and bedraggled robins
 huddled in the falling snow.
Within my four walls there
are signs of impending spring, as well.
This morning I opened the
storage space built into the fireplace shelving
 to retrieve some seasonal accents.
Today's bright sunshine is whispering that it might
be reason enough to debut
some "spring" clothes at work tonight...


materfamilias said...

Nice to dream our way forward into the next season -- and if changing up the decor helps, then bring it on!
It looks as if your spring wardrobe is shaping up nicely. And I do hope your husband's knee begins to mend soon -- it's always frightening to think of how quickly our mobility can disappear or be dramatically lessened.

ilona said...

It is only February and even though I know that springtime is still weeks away, when the temps reach 50+ it's hard to resist making a few changes.
The knee is improving with therapy and time. He plans to be fine ;-) And you're right - that sense of vulnerability is harder to get past than the actual injury. We resent the unexpected reminders of our frailty.

materfamilias said...

Yes we do . . take care.