25 February, 2014

Killing Time

Or waiting for paint to dry.
Nail polish
but you get the idea.
The shellac manicure has spoiled me.
Suddenly, the time involved in "doing"
my nails at home
has become intolerable.
Keeping my nails presentable consumes
 at least two nights a week -
nights that could be used for so many
other pursuits.
I use the nudest of nude polish
and keep my nails fairly short
so it's not a matter
of maintaining fire-red talons.
It's simply that they have to look "done."
Thinking it would minimize my OCD
concerning chipped polish, and thus allow me to coast
with just one session during a week,
I tried just a clear coat for
 shine and protection.  
It didn't work.
It's been three days
and I just couldn't take it!
I've just applied a quick coat
of color so I can go to work.
Obviously wet nails don't interfere
with typing
so the time would provide a good excuse
to post on a regular basis.
There is never enough time for reading
so wet nails would be the
perfect cover story
to curl up and read the night away.
Yes, it is a trivial complaint, at best,
and there is always a
suitable resolution
for such matters.
Faux Fuchsia says it best:
"Chipped nail polish still revolts me."