04 February, 2014

Flotsam and Jetsom

It's snowing.
I've already shoveled twice today:
before I left for  the gym
and after my return.
My guess is an easy 6 inches so far,
and it's expected to continue through the night.
The library will close early
meaning I won't be working tonight.
So rather than entering my full-on
I shall blog.
With a cup of hot chocolate
comfortably within reach. 
We had our first cross country skiing
experience over the weekend.
I will tell you that I'm willing to give it
 another try,
express thanks that no footage exists of our outing,
and then move on to a new subject.
Our trips to Minneapolis are always too short
and very busy.
This trip also included a
Chinese New Year celebration with Aidan
pizza and foosball
pot roast, roasted marshmallows
snow removal and
 our farewells to Proton.
called my name at the thrift store during a blitz stop.
I'm embarrassed to admit that
Naphtali was wearing it at the time.
We did the "Oh no, you should take it!"
routine for a couple  minutes
and then it was mine.
This is why I don't take pictures.
This sweater is the loveliest, lightest
 mohair concoction in a rich caramel color.
The collar
(I know "fur" is divisive)(but I love it)
creates a soft frame.
The smile it generates starts in my toes!
 The plan was to wear it to work today
with a black tee and jeans.
It will make its debut tomorrow!
In return for Naphtali's generous capitulation
I offered to alter the sleeves on a
  beautiful black linen tunic
that she would have otherwise walked away from.
See? Win-win!
Not one, but two new berets
have recently been finished and made their public debut.
No photos exist of either event.
is the sweater I'm knitting.
Let me say that again:
I'm knitting myself a sweater!
My list of things to try someday
includes several items that I should just
well, try.
This past year has already seen so many new
experiences why let
a small detail like primitive needle skills
prevent me launching another
new project?!
Actually, I recently read some good advice that went something like this:
Knitting dishcloths won't teach you to knit socks.
If you want to knit socks, then knit socks.
Here's to "knitting socks" in the new year!

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materfamilias said...

Wow! You're making great progress -- two hats and a good start on a sweater. I'd say you're ready to take on socks -- my daughter made a pair last year as maybe her 3rd or 4th project. And she still hasn't made a sweater.