11 September, 2011

As Promised

Charlie and Proton at play,

and at rest.

Have you seen the cute commercials or movie snippets in which the adorable puppy runs down the
 hallway trailing toilet paper?
Not so cute in real life.
By the way, Proton has really grown while he's been here.  A conservative guess is 3 - 4 inches in both length and height!
He's listening to commands and taking cues from Charlie.  He's learned to catch a treat in mid-air.
He abounds with the relentless optimism that only happy puppies can display.

This is my gym.


and front views.

As promised.


Valerie said...

Thanks for the photos. Proton is going to be with you until ???

ilona said...

As I understand it - he will be here for another week. Naphtali returns from Honduras in the wee hours of the morning. A full work/school week ahead means that his return will have to wait until the weekend.