21 September, 2011

As touching our children

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Does anything elicit a stronger response than an incident in the lives of our children?

All those firsts - whether it was teeth, hair, school, sweetheart, car, job - they all take center stage 
for their one special moment.  And we rejoice for our child.

Then comes that time when age becomes inconsequential - we're all adults, right?
Wrong!  Oh, so, ever so, wrong!

They are our children and what touches them touches us.  
Of course, we love the happy times - weddings, babies, promotions -  you fill in the blank.  And we look at our children and hope that the happy times are all they will ever encounter.

  But there will be separations, disappointments, heartaches, illness, and worse.  It would, in fact, be easier to deal with those incidents if they were our own. 
 Anything, rather than watch as our children shoulder the pain.
  We can weep and rail. We can be strong and sensible.
 We can help put together a Plan B, but we can't make it go away. 
 We can't put things back they way they used to be, they way they were supposed to be.  And that,
 I think, will always be a parent's private hell.

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