12 September, 2011

Marking Time

I am waiting for a repairman.  Scheduled between 11 and 1:00.
This will allow me to do laundry, school work, make a shopping list...

Sunday was a great day.  Other than walking the dogs I didn't leave the house.  
Tim had been given a lovely basket of home-grown tomatoes so we made BLTs.  I had mine with chipotle ranch dressing which complements the bacon so well.
Oh! So tasty.

I finished and submitted my school work.
Tim and I emptied a few boxes.

Leslie stopped in with her dress for the wedding.  It is the perfect hostess dress - just what an afternoon wedding calls for.  She looked vibrant in it and it looked great on her.  
Tim grilled chicken and we talked.

The day was a perfect blend of productivity and relaxation. The weather was nearly perfect, and just right for sitting outside in the shade for some conversation.

Can you believe my repairman just arrived!?

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