25 September, 2011

Changing seasons

Talk to anyone and they will name a favorite fall ritual - tailgating at the game, visiting the local orchard, baking with seasonal produce, a walk through the woods, raking leaves; 
the possibilities are as varied as the changing leaves.

At our house the changing seasons means one thing: 

changing sheets 

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and involves what I have come to call musical blankets. 

You add a lighter blanket.
You exchange that for a heavier blanket.
 You put the flannel sheets on, which may require that you switch back to the lighter blanket.
 Eventually it will mean the flannel sheets and the heavier blanket.

We enjoyed having company this weekend and when I cleaned up I put the flannels on that bed in preparation for Naphtali and Aidan's visit at the end of this week.

Today I took advantage of Younker's Goodwill sale to buy a new set of flannel sheets for our bed. 
 They've been washed  
and are ready to go on our bed tomorrow.
  Monday is always my clean sheet day .  

Which means I can't wait to go to bed tomorrow night!

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