13 October, 2011

Last Hurrah

While walking Charlie the other day I noticed some lovely roses at the home of one of our neighbors, which prompted a discourse along these lines - you'll need to add the appropriate inflections to capture the full measure of wonder my thoughts produced -
Charlie!  I have a rose bush, too! We'll have to look when we get home - or something like that.

Guess what?

Three buds.  In various stages of open.  
They are now sitting on the counter and as this one has opened it has scented the air with the classic rose aroma.  The color, too, is classic: deep, velvety red.

In so many of the new hybrids scent has been sacrificed for hardiness, size or whatever.  
Standing here enjoying the full experience of form, color and aroma, I wonder why they ever 
tampered with the complete expression of grace and beauty that can be a rose.

As these will be the last of the season all I can do is plan, now, to take good care of this overlooked treasure.

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