03 October, 2011

True Story

I have a sad, but true story to pass along today.  
Actually, more like several vignettes.  I went to a wedding over the weekend
- without my camera.  I know, but it gets worse. 
So you'll find no pictures, here, of the happy couple.  Or Leslie looking wonderful in her dress.  
No record of the table settings or bouquets. 
Incomparable weather. 
 I thought of throwing in a picture of my shoes - which are both adorable and comfortable - but I wasn't in the mood for a sop.

Anyway.  The saga continues.  
Not only did I leave home without my camera for this stellar event
 - I left my spanx on the dresser.  I know.  
I had clothes for the dinner Friday night.  For hanging around Saturday morning. 
 Several Weather related  options for the wedding on Saturday afternoon,
 changes if we went out later,
something to drive home Sunday morning - 
but my spanx got left behind.  I know
 Of course I didn't discover this until I was out of the shower on Saturday, starting to get dressed. 
 I emptied my suitcase.
I put everything back and emptied it again,
lifting each item and shaking it to dislodge what was not there.  
How could this happen?!?  Aaargh!!

It is both unfortunate and 
I know everlastingly to my advantage 
that Naphtali suspected Aidan was developing strep throat.  
While my private drama was developing they Tim, Naphtali and Aidan were out in search of a drop-in clinic, 
which they found, and
  which confirmed Naphtali's excellent motherly intuition and 
got the lad started on an antibiotic. 
 In the mean time, Naphtali called me asking if I had heard from Leslie concerning the pew bows - 
bear with me that will be in the next paragraph - and 
I spilled my tale of woe.  "Well, I could pick you up a pair."  They were at Target. 
 Just that easily: another crisis averted.

So, back to the pew bows. 
 Over the years I have been acknowledged as competent, even skilled, I know at a variety of crafts. 
 But one crafting basic has consistently eluded me
 - making bows.  I know.  
So imagine my dismay, on Friday night, when a somewhat harried mother-of-the-groom 
asked if Naphtali and I would be willing to make 60 pew bows. 
I looked her in the eye and said the only thing I could:
"Of course.  No problem.  Glad to help."  I know.
Trusting all the while that my multi-talented daughter 
would be able to pick up the slack created by my two left thumbs. 

We got started Saturday morning at what I considered a leisurely hour and pace for 60 bows when Naphtali confessed 
that bows had never been her strong suit.  I Know! 
 But that revelation was counter balanced by the news that we only had to make 16 bows.  
With all the background noise I had misheard Leslie.  She needed 16 - not 60 - bows!
The bows were finished and made it to the church in time.
It was a lovely ceremony on a perfect, classic fall, October afternoon.
Aidan received the appropriate medical attention.
I was sufficiently cocooned in the new spanx.

You've been very patient  and I hope somewhat amused with this epic tale and here's the payoff:

I learned a new skill:  Bows are no longer my bete noir.
I know!  

Today I made this bow.

Who knows what I may make tomorrow!  
I Know!


Valerie said...

Great story...well told and with a happy ending. So sorry there are no photos.

On Second Street said...

nice story mom. target, as usual, saves the day. so when i visit this weekend will there be bows all over your house?