20 November, 2011

And another...

I've recently been enamored by the process of waxing - coating leaves etc with varying layers of paraffin.
There is a narrow window of time as the wax cools to a certain viscosity
for optimum coverage.  It's rather fun.   

This would traditionally have been the time for starting my gingerbread house, but this year I'll miss 
out on the display held at my library in Nebraska. 
Lucky for me, my new, local library is offering folks a chance to decorate wreaths, which will then be available at a silent auction as a fund raiser for the new building project.

So I brought home a wreath, and using waxed components for a subdued wintry-look, decorated it.

 Some subtle glittery paint adds to the frosty sparkle.  At least I think it does.
Tomorrow it will return to the library for display until time for the community auction 
on December 4.

Now that I've conquered my fear of bow making maybe this will become a new tradition.

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