15 November, 2011


This is a picture of just one of yesterday's projects. 
I painted the trim for the bathroom.

 Notice the dog.  
Notice, too, the large box in the background.
That box is the reason I cancelled a visit from my mother.

It contains our new toilet.

Plans had been made many weeks ago for my mother to come for some shopping on Sunday, overnight, and enjoy a leisurely couple stops before she headed home on Monday.  
It would have been fun.
The bathroom project was begun weeks ago after she and I made our plans.

The simple paint job took on a life of its own it becomes problematic to have overnight company with no public bathroom
and I'm still waiting to reclaim my bathroom.

Today I have a last coat of sealant to apply to the tile floor which turned out very well.  
I need to get a water line for the toilet, which has been set.

The trim has yet to go around the edges of the floor but it's been painted.  
There are hooks and knobs to be put in their respective places.
Doors to be returned to their hinges.
We'll get there.

Here's a picture of an earlier step in the process:
I'm scraping off the old flooring.
Turned around to stretch and look who's camped in the three feet of space behind me!?!

We'll get there.


Jennifer said...

Oh! I s/n't have put my contact info all in a public blog I suppose, so if you would be so kind as to delete my post that would be great. Thank you!

On Second Street said...

i cant wait to see it. pictures coming soon?