13 November, 2011

Today's special

A busy couple weeks, all in all.  
Projects to the left.  Projects to the right. Projects inside and out.
 Ideas percolating for yet more projects.

I've been scraping flooring from the floor.  Painting.  Rearranging closets.  Assembling shelves.
Getting Aidan's countdown to Christmas ready.
Tracking Jacob's recovery.  Baking.  

Here's a glimpse of a recent well not so recent project to carry you over til I can get 
my head above water with all the rest.
I love yes love interesting containers.  I'll admit a weakness when it looks me in the eye.
Several more than several years ago Naphtali and I found a sidewalk sale at a local mall.  I picked up
a box containing 6 dozen bells for around 2 bucks.  
It was the box I wanted.

True - I have used and enjoyed the bells for a variety of reasons.  They have been decorations, adorned packages and they even hang from the doorknob for Charlie to signal his need to go out.

This summer I decided the three levels of divided trays would make a perfect home for my pins and earrings.

They dividers were removed, the trays lined with black velvet, and the dividers replaced.
Ribbon loops were added to assist lifting the trays.
The Christmas lettering had to be covered in a way that would allow them to look good
on my bedside table.  That would take some thought...
Actually, I did the inside while I was still in Gothenburg.  It wasn't until I was settled here that I tackled the outside of the box.

Glue gun and buttons to the rescue.
Tim bought that glue gun when we lived in Fargo. It was a surprise - thought you might like this kind of thing. 1983 maybe. 
 It is one of the early, unsafe, 
metal, push-the-glue-stick-through-with-your-thumb models that have long since been replaced 
by safe, plastic, trigger-operated low-temp models.
I love it.  

Have I mentioned that I also like buttons?

I've carted that jar from one place to the next over 30+ years.
Some sorting.  Some gluing.
An audiobook to keep me company...

                                                                       et voila!

Finished product. 

I like it.

I'll be back with more, later.


Valerie said...

Wow. I like it, too. Jacob's recovery from ????

ilona said...

Gall bladder. He was quite ill - infection, extra stones, the initial surgery and a separate procedure to remove more stones - in the hospital for a long week and finally released Friday.

Valerie said...

Thanks! I add my good thoughts for a thorough recovery.